The Bridge (FX) Season 2 – What To Expect [Exclusive]

the bridge season 2 interviews

FX’s international crime drama, The Bridge, returns July 9th at 10pm for its second season and presents a new, grisly murder that police officers Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) and Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) must solve. Just as in season one, cross-border police cooperation comes with some pitfalls, including a violent and ruthless drug cartel whose connections seem to go to the highest levels of law enforcement.

FX feted the new season at the ultra-modern Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles on Monday, July 7th. New cast members, including Franka Potente (Copper, Run Lola Run) and Abraham Benrubi (ER), joined familiar faces and gave the inside scoop on what the audience can look forward to.

TV Equals was on the scene and got to talk to a few of them. Below you will find interviews with Franka Potente (Eleanor Nacht), Annabeth Gish (Charlotte Millwright), Emily Rios (Adriana Mendez), Thomas Wright (Steven Linder), Abraham Benrubi (DEA Agent Joe McKenzie), Alejandro Patino (Cesar), Juan Carlos Cantu (Capitan Robles), Jenny Pellicer (Romina), and Johnny Dowers (Detective Tim Cooper).