Teen Wolf Season 4 Review “Muted”

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf featured nearly all of the things that I’ve come to like about the series over four seasons. “Muted” gave viewers . . .

The Fear Factor

Poor Shawn. We hardly knew ye. This week’s cold open was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. The episode opened with a new character, Shawn, searching in the dark for his cat, Willow. Unable to locate Willow, Shawn goes back inside his house, which is eerily dark and quiet. He’s calling out to his parents who don’t respond and you can see the uneasiness on his face as he settles into his bedroom. Willow finally resurfaces under Shawn’s bed and of course, the kitty scares the bejeezus out of Shawn (and me) in the process. Upon closer inspection, we see that Willow has been frolicking about in blood, which unfortunately for Shawn, belonged to his family.

A terrifying, muted figure appears . . .

and attempts to kills Shawn as well. Luckily for Shawn, he manages to escape through a window before the scary mouth-less figure finishes him off. More on Shawn later.

The Sass

Peter Hale might have met his sass match in Braeden. Always good to see the bounty hunter in Beacon Hills. Although she’s still under contract with the Calaveras, Braeden agrees to take more money from Derek and Peter in exchange for finding (and turning over) Kate. Peter is looking for his bearer bonds and Derek is looking for more answers about his new eye color. I respect Braeden’s braveness, as I would not be inclined to cross the Calaveras.

Based on what we’ve seen, I’m not sure that Kate is going to have a lot of answers about the theft of Peter’s bearer bonds. I also don’t think she’d be inclined to answer Derek’s questions, unless there is something in it for her. I’m glad that Scott has shared the news about Kate’s return with Chris – even if it was via text message. I suspect, however, that this might not be shocking news to Chris based on his very puzzled reaction to the shell casings Derek showed him in the 3B finale. I’m really looking forward to Chris’s return to Beacon Hills. In addition to tying him into the Kate storyline, I hope it will allow opportunities to see the characters still dealing with Allison’s death.

In addition to being talented at trading barbs with Peter, it is clear that Braeden also has chemistry with Derek. I want Derek to have nice things, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Braeden doesn’t end up evil and/or dead.

The Sport, The Competition, The Friendship

Welcome back, lacrosse! Although I appreciate that we didn’t lose screen time with coach during cross country season, nothing compares to the sweet, sweet sounds of Bobby Finstock breaking balls on the lacrosse field.

The episode also used the lacrosse team to introduce viewers to a few new characters, including Liam and Garrett. Liam, a freshman, is self-assured and extremely talented at the sport. Feeling his status as team captain threatened, Scott teamed up with Stiles and gave Teen Wolf fans a fun montage of the duo kicking ass on the lacrosse field that was reminiscent of season 1.

Although I missed hearing Lydia’s snarky lacrosse commentary, Kira and Malia were good substitutions. Malia’s demand for a do over and placing her bet on Scott and Stiles was hilarious. I’m officially rooting for Kira as lacrosse team captain or co-captain. I’m also hoping her parents decide to stick around Beacon Hills a bit longer.

Do you think that Kira hit Finstock in the same place he took the arrow?

The Hospital

In Beacon Hills, all roads to murder and mayhem lead through Lydia and to the Beacon Hills hospital, where it looks like Melissa has gotten some long overdue help. As with previous episodes this season, I enjoyed seeing characters interact with individuals outside their comfort zone. It was fun watching Lydia and Parrish interacting with each other and it’s also good to know that Sheriff Stilinski has someone else on his staff who knows that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to homicides in Beacon Hills.

Unsurprisingly, Lydia’s banshee powers lead her to the revelation that something is amiss with Shawn, who just happens to be convalescing at Beacon Hills hospital. After chowing down on the deputy sent to protect him, Shawn tries to go all Wendigo on Melissa and make a yummy snack out of her. Thanks to Lydia’s tip, Scott arrives just in time to intervene.

The Bite

In a moment heavily foreshadowed in the first two episodes this season (and spoiled for some), we see that Scott bites Liam in an effort to save his life. For the sake of enjoying the storyline, I’m not going to pull at some of the loose strings that are clearly hanging from this entire premise. I’m sure that the whole darn thing would unravel. I will say this – I’d like to know more about what it means to be a true alpha in terms of strength. It’s fascinating to watch Scott, the true alpha, get his ass handed to him time and time again, despite the fact he was strong enough to break through a mountain ash barrier. My guess is that a true alpha is stronger mentally, but I look forward to seeing if actually making a beta will result in a physically stronger Scott. It will also be interesting to see how Scott’s pack accepts their newest member.

Other supernatural thoughts, observations and feels. . .

– Chaste kisses.

– Coach Finstock mentioning that Jackson and Lahey were gone. Greenberg was left behind a year. Is it really possible that Greenberg struggled more than Malia?

– Melissa McCall is my favorite.

– We haven’t really heard a lot about the financial woes of the McCalls since season 1. I thought it was interesting to hear Scott talk about not being able to afford a call to Paris and the Stilinskis receiving a final notice bill from Eichen House. Is this a reminder that the kids have real world challenges or is it connected to the Benefactor storyline this season?

– Lydia’s math notes looked a lot like the code the muted man was looking at.

– I would love to see Peter Hale’s resume.

– Malia is growing on me. Her scenes with Kira were great this episode. I’m indifferent on the Stalia pairing, however, I wish the writers would use new ways to connect the couple. It is a little frustrating to watch the writers take scenes from the Stiles/Lydia playbook and insert Malia. In the premiere, we saw the panic attack kiss moment recreated. In this week’s episode, the writers used Stiles’s mystery board as a moment to connect the two, which was also reminiscent of a previous Stiles/Lydia scene.

Until next Moon Day!

Overall, I thought “Muted” was a fun episode of Teen Wolf and I’m really interested in seeing the fallout of Scott’s bite next week. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!