Switched at Birth Season 3 Review “And We Bring the Light”

Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 15 And We Bring the Light (6)

It’s rare for Switched at Birth to focus on the Kennish and Vasquez families as they are, with little to no crossover, and so episodes like ‘And We Bring the Light’ are all the better for their rarity. They remind us of how the families were before the switch was revealed, whether it’s happy and supportive like John, Kathryn, Bay and Toby or much more fractured and tragic Regina, Angelo and Daphne.

Oh yeah, Toby’s back, which is really lovely. Did anyone else miss him as much as me? I had a horrible feeling that the person being lifted onto that slap was him, to be honest, with all of his hopes for the future and that, but thankfully he’s safe for another week. His relationship with Bay has always been one of my favourites on the show, since that’s the connection arguably the most tenuous after Bay was revealed to not be biologically a Kennish. It was sweet to see him being such a good brother, and I’m interested to see where he goes next.

The person who did fall prey to the initially teased accident was Angelo, however, and his potential demise just encapsulates the tragedy of that side of the family. His renewed connection with Daphne has been the best thing about season three, following on from one of the most engaging relationships in a series full of lots of them, and now I get the sense that it was all leading us here. If Angelo dies, then his willingness to sign, moving into the guest house and cooking with Daphne were all just to sharpen the blow.

I have no idea whether that’s the case (no spoilers please!), but it’d be a shame if it is. Switched at Birth has never really known what to do with Angelo, with his bonding with Bay more or less abandoned now and a definite awkwardness to his presence in the Kennish house, but there’s always a sense of untapped stories. Last year saw John come into his own before, during and after his heart attack, so I hope we’re in store for something like that over a few weeks of grief porn.

At least they had lemon cake.

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