The Night Shift (NBC) Episode 7 “Blood Brothers”

Night Shift (NBC) Episode 7 Blood Brothers (7)
The Night Shift episode 7 “Blood Brothers” airs Tuesday, July 8th at 10/9c on NBC.

Episode Synopsis: Night Shift (NBC) Episode 7 “Blood Brothers”- When a small plane goes down near San Antonio, TC (Eoin Macken) and Topher (Ken Leung) chopper out to the scene and retrieve the lone survivor. Back in the ER, they deal with his serious injuries but must fend off Milo (guest star Steven Bauer, “Breaking Bad”), a menacing law enforcement officer with a hidden agenda. Paul (Robert Bailey, Jr.) is mesmerized by an injured exotic dancer who lands in the emergency room after falling during her performance. When her condition takes a mysterious turn for the worse, Paul, Kenny (JR Lemon) and Drew (Brendan Fehr) are baffled by her life threatening symptoms and must go to an already swamped Jordan (Jill Flint) for help. Krista (Jeananne Goossen) tries to help a teenager with a serious eating disorder that her family refuses to recognize. Meanwhile, TC struggles with increasing flashbacks and the traumatic death of his brother in Afghanistan. Freddy Rodriguez and Daniella Alonso also star.

Welcome to the night shift, where every day is a fight between the heroic efforts of saving lives and the hard truths of running a hospital. At San Antonio Memorial, the men and women who work the wee hours are a special breed, particularly adrenaline junkie T.C. Callahan (Eoin Macken, “Merlin”). After a grueling tour of duty in the Middle East, T.C. is about to learn that his toughest battles will be fought right at home. He and his irreverent team of late-night docs, including Topher (Ken Leung, “Lost”) and Drew (Brendan Fehr, “Roswell”), know how to let off steam with the casual prank or two, but when lives are at stake they are all business. Unfortunately, the night shift is now under new management and boss Michael Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez, “Six Feet Under”) is more interested in cutting costs than helping people. But T.C. has never met a rule he couldn’t break, or a person he won’t stand up to. And it’s clear that not even his ex-girlfriend (Jill Flint, “The Good Wife”) who is a doctor and now Ragosa’s second in charge, has a chance at keeping him in line. If Ragosa wants a war, he’ll get one.
Writers Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah (“Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “Freaks and Geeks”) and Pierre Morel (“Taken”) serve as executive producers. “Night Shift” is a production of Sony Pictures Television.

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