Longmire Season 3 Review “Reports of My Death”

Longmire Season 3 Episode 5 Wanted Man 3

This week’s Longmire tore a page from the book of Dynasty when Walt got mixed up with some serious family drama. After a homeless man dies in front of the Sheriff’s station, Walt learns that the man may be the missing heir to an epically large fortune. He may also be an imposter. To get to the bottom of it, Walt travels back to the wealthy family’s ranch – a place he remembers from his own childhood when his father worked at the property. This part of the episode was so-so. The story was mildly interesting, but predictable. You knew from the second you met the creepy siblings that something wasn’t right with those two.

While Walt was occupied, Henry tackles the Malachi mystery. At the beginning of the episode, Walt and Henry try to untangle the connections between Malachi and Jacob Nighthorse. It was kind of ridiculous when Walt comments that things are “starting to feel like a conspiracy”? Really? “Starting to”? Where has he been all season? We’ll have to see how this whole thing shakes out with Malachi, but if this was simply about a hit on Martha, it seems way too over-designed. They could’ve just sabotaged her car like they did with Cady, rather than bring in a whole other contingency of bad guys in a far away city (Denver).

I did like the scene between Henry and his ex-wife. It was about time that he woke up and realized who she really was. It’s too bad that they may be 100% over since Madchen Amick is a fantastic addition.

Branch is still riding the crazy train and it’s starting to get old. His character has become so cardboard and one note, that I have been envisioning how great it would be if he met an untimely end. We could replace him with someone more dynamic. Maybe it was just the general malaise I felt with this episode that has turned me against Branch. He was just more interesting when he had swagger.

Once again, the highlight of the episode was Ferg. It was great when he bemoaned that they were going to have to carry the body back down the stairs. It was also great when he thought that he was watching over the true murderer. I also enjoyed the moments between Vic and Walt where they talked about the farm grand dame. There was no weird sexual tension; it was like two friends talking.

I don’t want to be overly currish, but the episode fell flat. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. Is there a limit to what they can do with the procedural format considering the isolated geography of the setting? There may only be so many times they can investigate cattle abductions, meth labs, and people missing in the wilderness. When they run out of those, then what? Maybe they should fill in more time with the personal lives of the various characters. It looks like we may get a little of that next week when Vic and her husband appear to take a little vacation.