Chasing Life Season 1 Review “The Family That Lies Together”

Chasing Life episode 5 The Family That Lies Together (4)

Chasing Life‘s latest episode truly lived up to its title this week. Talk about emotionally draining! It’s hard not to yell at the TV while watching April lie over and over. And since when do educated psychiatrists let slide the fact that their daughters are eating bags of pills?

That one was hard to swallow but the wait finally payed off when Sarah followed April to George’s office looking for answers. The visit brought about and emotional family meeting that saw April storm off to Dominic’s looking for air and some space from talk about procedures and treatment. Why couldn’t it be Leo’s?! Sure their not exactly friendly with one another at the moment, but he knows the whole truth while Dominic knows just half of it. Dominic confiding in April that his mom is in prison was also surprising and seemed to bring the two closer.

Other highlights of the episode included George’s response to April’s question about her father having another daughter. April’s reaction was heartbreaking, but the story didn’t progress, keeping the mystery alive. We also got to see how the family was when he was alive in the form of flash backs. ‘My So Called Life’s Tom Irwin was perfect for the role.

What’s going on with Brenna and Grier? Whatever it is, I like these two together, friends or more. They have great chemistry on screen and Grier’s presence makes Brenna more human and less cold.

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