Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Finale Review

Beauty and the BeastEp. 221a - 'Operation Fake Date'Season 2

After killing Beth and then Agent Nox, Gabe continued on his killing spree in the season finale of Beauty and The Beast. Angry and feeling helpless, Vincent goes after him. Usually this scenario involving the two going toe-to-toe would be entertaining, but this time around Gabe is more powerful than Vincent after injecting himself with an unknown cross species serum.

The Rebecca/Alistar storyline was a refreshing change of pace, but did Cat take the story too far? Cat’s strong feeling that history repeats itself was both the driving force behind her decision to lock-up Vincent, and the reason she decided to let him out so that they could deal with Gabe as a team. His response after finally getting freedom was funny and seemed to lighten the mood of the show.

The story turned dark once again however, when they found Gabe strung up to the ceiling and bleeding. For a quick second the thought that Gabe could be dead was a strong possibly, but ended fast after seeing his hands were tied with ropes, along with the realization that the writer’s room wouldn’t do away with one of the strongest characters on the show aside from Cat and Vincent. And now that Gabe is dead there are fewer characters to focus on.

Was anyone else happy to see Gabe finally meet his fate? This felt like an especially long story arc that seemed to go flat in the middle. When Cat stopped caring for him the story lost steam and intrigue. Even with the pointless threats he appeared to have over Vincent. It was clear to see that Vincent would come out on top and that Gabe truly was never a real danger.

In the end Gabe’s story of DNA manipulation and super human powers did give way to what looks to be season three’s main focus. Is anyone else ready to jump ahead and see what an all new season of ‘Beauty and The Beast’ will bring? Let’s hope it is filled with an interesting circle of all new characters similar to Vincent.