‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 2): Beast Gone Wild

Deja Vu

The delayed season finale of the second season of Beauty And the Beast aired last night on The CW, featuring a mirroring storyline between Rebecca Reynolds’ time in 1845 New York City and the current situation of Catherine Chandler (both played by series lead Kristin Kreuk) in the modern day city.

Rebecca had her own beast in the form of her love Alistair while Catherine, of course, has Vincent (series lead Jay Ryan); and both beasts have their own beast to battle, the unidentified beast of 1845 wreaking havoc on Alastair’s life and Gabe (series regular Sendhil Ramamurthy), who is doing much the same on Vincent’s life in the present storyline.

But using a similar plan as Rebecca’s – that of locking up their beast love inside a giant cell and leaving the beast stone nearby to control them – Catherine sets off to trick Gabe with help from Tess (series regular Nina Lisandrello) and J.T. (series regular Austin Basis) as well as a battery of SWAT team members. But not only does Gabe have other plans [more on that further below] but also Catherine has a change of heart.

She cannot leave Vincent locked up as they need to fight Gabe together – just like they have fought every other foe who has gotten in their way; something that Rebecca didn’t do and which ultimately cost the life of her love Alastair.

The body count; however, is already building up with Cat’s high school friend Beth (guest star Annie Ilonzeh) and FBI Agent Henry Nox (guest star Anthony Ruivivar) both killed by Gabe; and then there is what Gabe did to poor J.T. (savaging slashing his body and hanging him by his arms from the ceiling of his apartment) while Catherine was attempting to set the trap to capture him. In the end, Vincent and Gabe had a grand fight in a pool hall (of all places), but it was Catherine who took Gabe down not only with the beast stone but also impaling with him a broken billiard cue stick to the heart.

Game, end, match!

Since the episode was written and filmed prior to the network deciding the show’s fate, this final episode, entitled “Déjà vu”, was set to serve as a series finale, tying up a number of loose ends and giving a happy ending for both couples (J.T. and Tess and Catherine and Vincent); but allowing – should an 11th hour save be possible (which it was) – for enough wiggle room that the show could continue.

The direction that season three of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ will assuredly take has to do with the miraculous save of J.T.’s life by the mysterious agency that had taken Vincent from prison in the previous episode. They used a serum on J.T. that was replicated from the blood sample of Vincent’s that they procured; and these mystery men asked for both Catherine and Vincent’s help in tracking down something that is a far greater threat than beasts (dun! dun! dun!).

For now, though, fans can revel in the fact that J.T. is alive, he and Tess are still a couple, Vincent is no longer a hunted man and he and Catherine are free to pursue their relationship.

‘Beauty And the Beast’ will be back for its third season on The CW sometime during the 2014-2015 TV season. An official airdate has yet to be announced.