‘Switched at Birth’ Season 3 Interview: Vanessa Marano Talks Bay/Emmett, The Advice She Would Give Bay and More

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Switched at Birth season three is in full swing now with new episodes airing Mondays at 8/7c on ABC Family. Earlier in the season, TV Equals joined a conference call with one of the series’ stars Vanessa Marano, who plays the artistic Bay. Marano discussed the long-awaited Bay and Emmett reunion, the advice she would give Bay and much more. Check out highlights from the interview below.

Marano on Bay and Emmett

After their mid-season one breakup, Bay and Emmett have been busy dating other people while fans of the couple patiently waited for the duo’s reunion. The wait finally came to an end in season three, but their reunion was as rocky as their relationship, something that did not slip past Marano. When asked whether she preferred Emmett or Tank, Marano quickly said she had strong feelings about cheating, namely you don’t take the cheater back. However, since Bay cheated too, it was a hard call for her to make.

“It’s a relationship that I think all the fans have been waiting to see, revisited and brought back to life,” Marano said. “Now that they’re finally there, it’s not without its struggle. You can’t just get back into a relationship specifically the way they got back into the relationship. It left with Emmett cheating, and they got back together with her cheating on her current boyfriend. So there’s a little bit of a mess right now, but they’re together. They’re in the mess together.”

Marano also revealed that of all of the storylines she has been asked to play during her time on Switched at Birth, the relationship between Bay and Emmett has provided her with the most challenges. “Bay and Emmett have so many different aspects of their relationship that are so difficult. For the first portion of their time together, it was me having to learn sign language, which was very hard. For the second portion of their time together, it was him cheating on her and still playing that you’re in love with someone who’s cheated on you — because I have my own opinion about cheating, which is that you don’t go back to the person — but Bay obviously went back to him. So that’s a very challenging thing for me to portray. You throw in trying to sign all of that when you’re angry, when you’re sad, when you’re happy, and all the rants that she could be going on because she’s at so many different emotional levels of the whole thing, it gets very challenging. But at the same time, that’s some of my favorite stuff to do because I like being challenged when I’m performing.”

If Marano Could Give Bay One Piece of Advice…

“Think things through!” Marano answered with a laugh. “Girlfriend doesn’t think anything through, she says the first thing that comes to her head. She does not ever think of the negative repercussions of anything. It’s funny because I think that’s directly related to her two mothers. Regina is very independent and very much does what she wants no matter what anybody says. And Kathryn always looks on the positive side of things, always, everything’s going to turn out okay. Those two combinations create Bay, someone who does what she wants and never thinks anything negative is going to happen.”

On the flipside, Marano revealed the one time her personality and Bay’s lined up completely was in the early season three outing “Your Body is a Battleground,” when Bay proved to be less than adept at field hockey. “It was the first time that they’ve written into a script that Vanessa skills and Bay skills matched up with one another, which is that they had no skills — so that was very easy to play.”

What Is Ahead For Switched at Birth

Marano had nothing but praise for Switched at Birth and her castmembers. She affirmed that being part of a series with so much devotion to social issues is a gift. She also revealed that there is an event coming up this season that will effect all of the viewers. “This coming season, it gets very emotional; and there’s a particular episode, in the middle of the season, that I found very relatable,” Marano teased. “I think everyone’s going to find it relatable. I can’t give you too much information about that. All I can say is that it was a very emotional episode for everyone involved, and everyone’s experienced it.”

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