Major Crimes Season 3 Review “Do Not Disturb”

Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 19 Return to Sender Part Two (3)

In the latest episode of “Major Crimes,” someone apparently forgot to hang up the sign that read “Do Not Disturb,” because there was a murder afoot in a luxury beachfront hotel, with some decidedly high profile connections. In this case, it was an Indian National by the name of Mehar Sethi, who was hit with a statue and then subsequently strangled with a hotel towel. To make matters worse, he had a lot of cash in his safe and a file on the daughter of a Diplomat from the India Embassy, defense technology counselor Ravi Madhaven.

Faster than you can say Diplomatic Immunity, Ravi refused to answer much in the way of questions, save to allow that his daughter was indeed missing. It was also revealed that she was betrothed to the victim in a pre-arranged marriage and that the money in the safe was part of a dowry given to Mehar by Ravi. With all this Diplomatic involvement, the FBI and even the SIS was brought onboard, which gave the show an excuse to also bring back Special Agent Howard (Jon Tenney), of “The Closer” fame, aka Brenda’s husband; and Lt. Cooper (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), aka Sykes’ current love interest, to better get to the bottom of things.

Needless to say, under the circumstances, there was a lot of hoop-jumping and careful planning and sidestepping to the case at hand and how it was approached by our team. Fortunately, there were also some friends to interview on the daughter’s end, including one that turned out to be the girl’s secret boyfriend- and ultimately, Mehar’s killer. Though her father turned out to be quite the nutcase as well, as he not only beat his daughter, but threw her around at the precinct, prompting Howard to knock the crap out of him a few times. Serves the guy right, for being such an a-hole throughout the episode.

I’d say all’s well that ends well, I suppose, as the daughter, Lina, was able to stay in America and receive asylum and finish her education in exchange for testifying against her boyfriend, but that must have sucked for her almost as much as getting smacked around by her father. Talk about a raw deal. But then, her boyfriend didn’t have to kill the guy, either, so I suppose he brought that upon himself. Still, tough breaks on her end all around, poor girl.

On other fronts, both Sykes and Rusty came clean to everyone on the team about their not-so-secret secrets, which were respectively, that she was involved with Cooper and that he was gay. Hardly anyone was surprised by this news, though cameraman/tech guy Buzz lost a bet, thankfully on the former and not the latter. I think Rusty was a little aback by the non-issue it was with everyone, but otherwise, it was no big deal. Well, save that Rusty was on his own when it came to any questions he might have about things on Provenza’s end, but that was to be expected. (Like he’d want it, anyway!)

Some great moments throughout the episode, including some nice ones with Rusty and his shrink Dr. Bowman, who pointed out the parallels between Lina’s case and Rusty’s own experiences; and a good scene with Sykes and Cooper as she intentionally caused a wreck with the driver transporting Lina to pull a fast one and steal her away on the sly, but neglected to tell Cooper her plan, catching him off-guard, much to his chagrin. But my favorite overall moment was early on, when Tao held up a statue that was potentially used as the murder weapon and Provenza asked what it was supposed to be. “Modern Art,” Tao replied. Without missing a beat, Provenza shot back: “Well, did it kill him in the abstract or for real?” LOL.

All in all, it was a decent episode, even if it did reinforce the possibly completely ridiculous Hollywood notion that everyone with access to Diplomatic Immunity is up to no good. I find it hard to believe that every foreign Diplomat is up to no good, but you’d never guess it from watching any number of American movies or TV shows. Hell, it’s even a go-to joke on “Hollywood Babble-on,” for God’s sake. That small quibble aside, it was a decent episode, although I thought the wrap-around device with Rusty was a bit forced on the whole.

What did you think of “Major Crimes” this week? Were you happy Rusty finally came out? Were you even happier it was a non-issue? How do you like the pairing of Sykes and Cooper? Were you happy to see Howard again, back and totally kicking ass? Do you often wish you had a Diplomatic Immunity card you could pull to get out of everything? (If so, you might have bigger problems!) Let me know what you think down below!