‘Longmire’ Season 3 Interview: Bailey Chase Discusses Branch’s Need For Revenge and More

Longmire‘s second season ended with Bailey Chase’s Branch Connally in critical condition after a shooting. Now with the third season in progress, Branch is recovering physically, but mentally he is out for revenge against David Ridges, the man who pulled the trigger. Recently, TV Equals joined in a conference call with Chase where the actor discussed what it is like to delve deeper into Branch’s psyche, where this dark path will lead the character and much more.

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Branch’s Mindset Post-Shooting

Branch has moved past the recovery stage in terms of the physical ramifications of the shooting, but his emotional state will lead the character down a dark and interesting path as the season progresses. Fans have already seen Branch cross one line when he became a kidnapper during his pursuit of Ridges, but that is truly just the beginning for Branch.

Chase was adamant that Branch will “stop at nothing” to get to the truth. Unfortunately, his drive will put him at odds with Walt, who stood by Branch while he was in critical condition. “You’re starting to see that conflict,” Chase said. “It’s starting to boil in the last episode and that will continue on. You will start to see us really go in separate directions.”

As much as Walt wants to help Branch, Chase is certain “Branch can’t help himself” at this point. A good indicator of where Branch is mentally can found in a recent episode where Branch went out into the woods to hunt and found himself getting back to nature in some not altogether healthy ways.

Chase loved filming the scenes featuring Branch during his downtime, and teased an upcoming physical change for the character. For him it is all just another part of the deepening of Branch that will continue throughout the season.

Why Chase Is Excited For Fans To See The Back Half Of Season Three

If you think things are rough for Branch now, just wait until we move deeper into season three. The more off the rails Branch goes, the more consequences he will have to face. “You know there is cause and effect. As you saw at the end of last week episode, Branch definitely crossed the line by kidnapping this guy and he is going to stay on that path for the remainder of the season. He is going to suffer some consequences for sure.”

Before he gets to that place, Branch will continue to search for revenge. After two seasons of playing a straitlaced cowboy, Chase relishes the chance to dig into Branch’s dark side and for fans to see how the story plays out. “It’s been very unexpected for me and probably for the audience, but at the same time it’s been a pleasant surprise because creatively it’s just not very often that you’re given this gift and they trust you to just go have fun. It’s been a really interesting journey,” Chase promised. “I can’t wait for people to see the back half.”

What Is Ahead For Branch and Cady

Branch is currently too busy to focus on romance, but Branch and Cady will reunite before season three ends. The circumstances surrounding their reunion may not be entirely conventional though. “The feelings are absolutely still there,” Chase said. “I want to be with Cady but it’s just such a crazy season, and she goes off to the left and I’m off to the right you know we’re kind of these two ships in the night. There is just no real time for us to be together until very late in the season. We do finally unite to basically figure stuff out.”

Will Branch have found Bridges by then? Chase’s lips were sealed. He did leave us with this teaser though: “There is a lot that’s going to happen between episodes 3/05 and 3/10.”

Are you worried, Branch fans?

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