Halt and Catch Fire Season 1 Review “Landfall”

Halt and Catch Fire (AMC) Episode 6 Landfall (2)

On the latest episode of “Halt and Catch Fire,” there was something in the air, and it wasn’t just ingenuity, it was…a hurricane? Yep, if my research is correct, this would have been Hurricane Alicia, which cost billions of dollars in damage at the time. Thankfully, our main characters fared okay, albeit barely, given their respective lunatic actions, at least in Gordon and Joe’s cases. But someone didn’t do so hot outside of the scene of Gordon’s literal crime, in which he broke a window at a toy store and absconded with the much-prized possession of a pair of Cabbage Patch dolls. Apparently, bad karma was in the air as well, at least for that one guy.

In an compelling and sometimes very perversely funny episode written by Zack Whedon- aka Joss’ brother, of “Buffy” and “Avengers” fame- we saw the beginnings of the search for an personalized, interactive Operating System, courtesy of Cameron; Joe’s talents for distracting kids with nutty, occasionally dangerous ideas (I kept waiting for those kids to run outside with their flashlights and get stuck by lightning or something, thanks to Joe’s wacky methods); and the lengths people would apparently go to in order to get their hands on a doll- or rip off those who were trying to. Crazy, but nonetheless fun stuff.

There was also a considerable amount of drama that was non-storm related, as Cam continued to involve herself with Joe sexually, against her better judgment; then Gordon called her out on it before everyone else did and she made a big scene by kissing him and claiming he was the one she’d had an affair with in front of the entire office. Awkward!

I did like that she swapped Joe out for a fairly dopey musician on the fly when she got computer coder’s block, before Joe finally came clean about where his scars really came from after lying to her multiple times: a childhood accident that kept him in the hospital for several years, involving his drugged-out mom and his falling a few stories onto a fence. Ouch!

I do worry about Donna’s situation, though. She’s got her boss hitting on her and inviting her onto out-of-town business trips on one hand and Joe making eyes at her on the other. I really hope that she doesn’t cheat on Gordon, because I feel like he would completely go off the rails altogether if that happened. He’s already pushing alcoholism, with his near non-stop drinking. An affair is all he needs, to say the least.

I also liked that they humanized Bosworth’s character a little more this week, after making him a total hard-ass and not much else in previous episodes. I like his little talks with Cameron, and there’s a refreshing lack of his hitting on her that I was pleasantly surprised by. I think he legitimately thinks of himself as a father figure to Cameron, and I love that he told her that she and her generation were the future and that scared people, which is why they were so mean to her in general. Nice observation.

All in all, a decent episode made better by solid writing and the typically great performances by the talented ensemble cast. The cinematography was also impressive, especially during those storm scenes. That one shot of Gordon discovering the body by the toy store was awesome, and the sequence of Joe going nuts in the rain was also cool to watch from a visual standpoint.

What did you think of “Halt and Catch Fire” this week? Do you think Donna’s headed for trouble on that business trip? Are Cameron and Joe also headed for disaster? How long will it take to air out those dolls Joe got soaking wet? Will Cameron figure out how to make her AIOS? Log off on this and more down below and see you next week!