24: Live Another Day Review “9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.”

24: Live Another Day Episode 1 & 2 Day 9: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM/ Day 9: 12:00 PM-1:00 PM (11)

And so we’ve arrived at the point of the season where 24 asks you to put the blinders on a little bit. In a pretty goofy hour, 24: Live Another Day used its penultimate episode to jump all over the map as it attempted to tie up one loose end after another. All the players are now out in the open, and it seems only Jack can save the day once again. In many ways, we’re right where I expected to be. However, there are plenty of poor decisions in the journey to this place.

The return of Cheng does work on many levels for the show. It provides both Jack and Audrey with an extra layer of desire to see the man caught. Plus, it allowed us to witness that conversation between Jack and Audrey. My look at the screen identically mirrored the look Kate Morgan gives Jack. That’s not how we like our Jack Bauer. Don’t get us wrong, we understand why that Jack Bauer exists, but he’s not the Jack we want to see in the second-to-last episode of the season. Fortunately for us all, we did get plenty of butt-kicking action from Jack as he made his escape from the Russians and threatened to shoot the Chief of Staff in a room right next to the highest ranking military officials in the world. It was the kind of stuff only Jack Bauer is capable of, but somehow I keep eating it up. I was sold that he was ready to shoot his face right off in front of the president. Anything is possible with Jack Bauer.

Anything may soon be possible for Chloe as well. Her smashing up dudes with pipes before tucking and rolling down a steep hill was very Jack-ish in nature. After being rescued by Jack in the premiere and dragged around by Aiden Cross in subsequent episodes, it was good to see Chloe take some agency in her situation instead of being the damsel in distress in need of constant rescuing. Now, Chloe becomes the wildcard in the season’s endgame. Obviously she’s going to reconvene with Jack, but her mysterious fate at the hands of Cheng gives her a chance to operate with the upper hand on someone. It’s a weird place for Chloe to be in, but I’m interested in how they choose to conclude her story, and how closely they tie it to Jack’s as well.

In addition to Chloe, Mark Boudreau showed off some moves of his won in his brawl with Clandestine Russian Guy. The show has yo-yo’d back and forth with his character throughout the season. His justification for his actions to Heller seemed legitimate. Obviously he needs to be arrested for treason, but I’m glad Audrey didn’t make it into the discussion. Still, his turn from double agent to face turn took all of two minutes for Jack Bauer to convert him into an asset. It seemed in keeping with an episode that rushed everything along so it could arrive at the all important pivot point headed into the finale. We’re all their with Audrey in spirit. We’re just staring down the barrel of a sniper rifle; waiting for Jack to come save us.