True Blood Season 7 Review “Fire in the Hole”

True Blood giveth and True Blood taketh away. As I mentioned in last week’s review, I’ve been watching past seasons of the show recently, which allowed me to appreciate what I liked about it and what’s kept me around for seven seasons. Heading into tonight’s episode, I was still riding the positive feelings and nostalgia. Although tonight’s episode had some good moments, it definitely challenged the good will I’d stored up thanks to previous seasons. With that in mind, on to the highlights of tonight’s episode.

The Northman Family

Despite the confirmation from Rutina Wesley, I was one of the delusional fans still holding on to the hope that perhaps Tara had not met the true death. Granted, I did not think that anything good had become of Tara, but I was hoping that the show runners would do more for this character than having her die before the opening credits of the season premiere and watching the actress relegated to visions via her very annoying mother. Unfortunately, the last bit of hope was lost when Pam shared with Eric that she felt the moment that Tara faced the true death.

Admittedly, Tara has not always been my favorite character. However, there is no denying her importance to the Stackhouse siblings and the show did a great job at establishing the bond between Tara and Pam. After investing in these relationships, it is so unsatisfying not to see anyone really grapple with Tara’s true death. I don’t care about what Lettie Mae is experiencing, particularly after having to endure season after season of her piss poor parenting. In a perfect world, we’d get more Ruby Jean in the final season of True Blood and Lettie Mae would be a distant memory. I’m officially over this entire storyline and I really hope it doesn’t last the entire season.

Eric being infected with hep v is as disappointing as Tara’s death. Learning that Sarah Newlin is still alive and well is as frustrating as watching Lettie Mae living out her dreams as a preacher’s wife. I wish both of these characters had been killed off long ago. Eric deserves better than having his final scenes centered on finding and killing Sarah Newlin. Blech. In a 10-episode final season, I would rather spend time with Pam and Eric in the present, instead of watching flashbacks of the duo in Paris with terrible 80s hair.

Lafayette Deserves Happiness

Lafayette remains a welcome distraction from the Bon Temps nonsense. I enjoy watching him spend time with James and hope that these two will survive this madness and actually have a happy ending. Sorry to be that kind of fan, but aren’t we at least owed this after Tara’s unceremonious death and all the suffering LaLa has endured?

Back to the Basics

Leading up to this final season, the True Blood show runners promised fans that we’d get back to basics, which also means getting back to the Bill/Sookie relationship. I should have immediately known that meant nothing good for Alcide. I’ve always thought this pair was doomed, but I was disappointed to see that Alcide’s unrequited love for Sookie cost him his life. Sadly, Joe Magnaniello joins a growing list of actors who portrayed characters that fell short of expectations. Alcide always felt shoehorned into Sookie’s storyline and ultimately, the character spent most of his time separated from the main action. For more on this, check out Joe Magnaniello’s thoughts on Alcide’s demise over at

What frustrates me most about Alcide’s death is that we will likely see Sookie mourn him in the way in which we wish we’d seen her mourn Tara. Ultimately, Alcide’s death will pave the way for the Sookie/Bill reconnection. I’m not against Bill and Sookie getting back to basics, but I’d prefer that they not reconnect under such dangerous circumstances. Oh well, I guess this is what the pair does best – let’s just keep the flashbacks at a minimum.

Speaking of the Stackhouse family, I love Violet’s crazy, extreme devotion to Jason. I will love Violet forever for getting rid of that annoying, sometimes funny, Maxine Fortenberry.

One Final Thought . . .

There aren’t enough words to capture my hate for more vigilante antagonists on True Blood. To get myself through their annoying scenes, I remind myself that one of them was in the movie Friday.

Thought I’d share that with my fellow True Blood fans as well. Enjoy!

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