Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Wanting”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 4 Wanting (4)Rookie Blue returned tonight in an episode that was dominated by gang violence, self doubt, and wanting. The episode opens with Andy and Sam just friends. It’s strange and luckily doesn’t last long. After getting coffee for each other and keeping their distance in the earlier part of the hour, Andy openly doubts herself in front of Sam and he is quick to correct her. There really wasn’t much she could have done when it came to Duncan.

Andy’s gut instinct was right when she got the feeling that Duncan wasn’t ready and by the looks of it he may never be. I think from the start it was easy to see that Andy was going to have trouble with this rookie and it all came to a head in tonight’s episode when they disagreed over whether or not people can change, how to handle kids and backing each other up. It looks like time is up for Duncan after he leaves Andy in a house with a kid as a gangster threatens to take them out.

Meanwhile, on a smaller scale several other story lines played out. Dov is avoiding Chloe and she wants to know why. Asking Nick to help her find out why just makes things awkward. This situation makes you wonder why the writer’s brought this conflict to the forefront. It didn’t add much to the night and seemed mostly filler.

We also find out that Diaz isn’t dabbling in the coffee, but something else. This conflict was interesting and by the looks of it we’ll see this dominate next week’s episode with Dov and the other’s getting involved as a drug dealer threatens to take Diaz down.

What did you think of tonight’s ‘Rookie Blue’ episode? Are you sad to see Duncan go? Leave your comments below.