Rectify Season 2 Review “Charlie Darwin”

Rectify Season 2 Episode 3 Charlie Darwin (6)

The first two episodes of the second season of Rectify proved exceedingly interesting. It deepened several characters while giving the show a structure to work with after a fairly contained first season. It also kept its main guy, Daniel Holden relegated mostly to flashbacks and a brief moment at the end of the second episode. With Daniel waking up at the end of last week’s episode, the show was faced yet again with another “Now what?” situation. Bobby Dean was headed for jail, and Daniel was headed back to Paulie, Georgia. As enjoyable as the first season was, I’m not sure we were all ready to sign up for another 8 hours of Daniel Holden staring off into the distance.

Fortunately for us all, the show doesn’t appear content to return to the status quo. Basically an overgrown child (understandably so) in season one, it was encouraging to see Daniel make some positive steps forward. It definitely felt fast considering the show is often anything but. However, moving Daniel forward allows the show to ask a lot more questions. In addition, Daniel’s decision to refuse to name Bobby Dean as his attacker has some potential interesting ramifications going forward. I’m sure the show will have those two men cross paths again at some point. If nothing else, I presume Daniel will make it a very interesting meeting.

I’m further intrigued by what occurred in the Holden family this week. In season one, Amantha’s firecracker activism popped all over the screen and threatened to torch anyone who dared to share a scene with her. Therefore, it’s interesting that the show is starting to paint her as something of a zealot. She wants justice for her brother, which is admirable, but her wants run counter to what Daniel wants. As foolhardy as it may be, Daniel just wants to move forward. I doubt he’ll be able to bury his head in the sand for long, but him declaring to his sister that he’s done with the game is an extremely powerful scene. Her mother asking Amantha to leave Paulie is final kick in the side. Daniel’s course correction will be completely unacceptable to Amantha, so the ensuing conflict between the siblings should make for some great scenes.

Continuing on the momentum of the first two episodes, Clayne Crawford continues to do great work as Ted Jr. Teddy is back to his more smarmy self in tonight’s episode, but a close look tells a much different story. All those sly smiles no longer hide some shady ulterior motive. Instead, they’re now hiding a desperate man. Between Tawney catching feelings for Daniel and his inability to get his business idea off and running, Teddy appears to be slowly losing his tether to the world. You can feel something welling up within Teddy, but the show is certainly going to be deliberate and plodding about when these feelings manifest themselves. The great thing about it is we honestly have no idea what to make of Teddy at this point. A one note douche in season one, he’s basically remained a blank canvas. The show can paint him however they choose. For Teddy’s sake, I hope coffee grounds aren’t involved.