Exclusive ‘Total Drama Pahkitew Island’ Season Premiere Clip: Check Out The New Teams

Total Drama Pahkitew Island premieres Monday, July 7th at 6PM on Cartoon Network, and TV Equals has an exclusive clip from the reality series spoofing cartoon below. In the clip, we meet the season’s two teams– the ones who had parachutes and the ones who did not. Among the groups is a know it all translator, a beauty pageant hopeful named Sugar and the misfortune Samey, part of a twin cheerleading duo with her sister Amy. Meet the groups below and discover their not so empowering team names.

Total Drama Pahkitew Island kicks off with a one hour premiere on July 7th. After that, viewers can follow the intense animated competition series/comedy to its thrilling conclusion as new episodes air every week night at 6PM leading up to the finale on Friday, July 18th at 6PM.