Chasing Life Season 1 Review “I’ll Sleep When I Am Dead”

Chasing Life episode 4 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (8)

Chasing Life returned this week with April unable to keep up with her usual schedule now that the Leukemia is progressing. After running late for an important appointment with her Uncle George, falling asleep on the T, and losing weight so her favorite dress no longer hits, April finally begins to realize she needs a life style change.

But first she’s out to get a scoop, a hot scoop at Leo’s father’s party. And it just so happens that Leo is all about granting wishes now that he knows April really does have cancer and isn’t just attending meetings to get to him. I love these two together! And I love that Scott Michael Foster has been given a character he plays so well. His attitude towards Dom really seems to heat up what is sure to become a love triangle.

After offering her the opportunity to be his date at the party, he also tells her she can write his big story. It would have been a perfect night for April career wise and Leo wise, but Dominic ends up at the party and as soon as she spots him she realizes she is going to have to find a way to keep these two apart which doesn’t leave her much room to work the party comfortably.

Unfortunately it all falls apart when Leo breaks his own story to the entire room and then leaves on the bike his dad gave him for such a heartfelt speech. Yes, he did double cross April, but after he tells her why it starts to make you feel bad for him and not for her. The whole situation gets worse when Dom expresses his issues with dealing with sick people.

Meanwhile, Brenna skips tango class with her mother so that she can wipe the tennis court with her schoolmate. You have to love her as she really comes off as an amateur player just hoping to catch a lucky break. Her irresponsibility angers April so much that she finally reveals that she has cancer! Talk about intense. What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your comments below.