Teen Wolf Season 4 “117” Review

Previously on Teen Wolf, the pack took a “camping trip” to Mexico to find Derek. During their travels, they danced, endured some torture, discovered that Kate was alive and found the tween wolf version of Derek Hale. I’m glad we got a little insight as to how the kids explained their extended absence to their parents. I’m still not sure that I’m buying it, but I’ll let that go.

Hello, Dr. Deaton. You beautiful man. I was disappointed to see a scene at his office last week without him, so he was a welcome sight this week. It would be great to see more random character mash-ups this season. It’s fun to watch Deaton, Lydia and tween wolf Derek interacting with each other. It’s also nice to get some kind of acknowledgment that the pack is spending more time on the supernatural than on school and that there are consequences for that. Granted, consequences on Teen Wolf, are much different than consequences in the real world.

We also got more insight into Stalia this week. The important take away point is that Stiles is the little spoon.

What the Hale is going on?

Sorry – I couldn’t resist after Sheriff Stilinski’s hilarious reaction to the prospect of time travel.

Fellow Teen Wolf fans, I have a question. Do you think the writers have exchanged Derek’s man pain for recycled tween wolf pain? So far, the regression has been pretty rewarding, but I hope that this situation concludes with something besides more pain and hurt for Derek. The opening scene in which Derek’s basketball game meltdown paralleled Scott’s lacrosse game from season 1 was terrific.

The locker room call back scene was rivaled only by the sight of Stiles introducing tweenie Derek as his cousin Miguel and Derek actually responding in Spanish. It’s both fun and heartbreaking to see young Derek with a sense of humor and to see him respond with more than a grimace. I wish the show would’ve actually allowed us to see Rafael explaining the tragedy at the Hale house to young Derek, but that’s a minor nitpick.

I still have tons of questions about how Kate, who can’t control her shift, managed to de-age Derek or how she learned that it was even possible. I suppose we’ll learn more once we discover if/why someone or something is manipulating Kate by sending her after the triskele as a cover for taking Peter’s money. I’m guessing it’s the benefactor, who I really hope does not turn out to be a miraculously healed Gerard. Same goes for Duke. I hope this character is someone new.

And don’t even get me started on all the questions I have about Peter having more than a million dollars in bearer bonds in the Hale family vault. In the midst of all the questions, it was nice to actually learn a few interesting things, like Peter teaching Derek to control his shift with anger.

Let’s talk beserkers . . .
. . . and a few other issues.

It doesn’t look like anyone in Scott’s pack has told Malia that Peter is her birth father. Clearly, the secret will get out at some point, but I’d like to understand why the pack chose to withhold this information from her. They clearly gave her the rundown on all of Peter’s bad deeds, but left out the tidbit about her being his daughter. This would also explain why Scott didn’t say “Kate nearly killed all of your family” last week. I suppose the pack might have thought that sharing that information might be too much for Malia to handle, but they should have really learned their lesson about keeping secrets by now. Pack brownie points to Malia for showing up to support Scott based on what she knew about Peter. She’s learning!

Thanks to Peter, we got official confirmation of the beserkers in Beacon Hills. The sight of Peter running off without Scott and Malia was absolutely hilarious. Visually, the beserkers might just be my favorite supernatural “monster” of the series. Peter in full wolf form was scary, but the special effects were always a bit off.

Although I’m still wanting more acknowledgment of Allison’s death, I thought the scene in which Kira lost her sword created a great moment for Tyler Posey to capture the fear Scott had about losing someone else he cared about to the supernatural. Well done, Posey. Ian Nelson is also excellent at capturing Tyler Hoechlin’s mannerisms while still bringing the last bits of Derek’s youthful innocence to the character. Kudos to whoever at Teen Wolf was responsible for maintaining continuity in Derek’s fighting style as a teen and as an adult.

Other supernatural thoughts and observations . . .

– Why was that gas station attendant so darn nosy?

– Papa Yukimura continues to be a ball breaker in the classroom.

– Reasons I love Lydia: (1) texting Papa Yukimura in order to reach Scott and (2) suggesting that Stiles bring something better than a steel bat to a beserker fight.

-I’m glad to see that Rafael is sticking around in Beacon Hills and trying to become a part of Scott’s life.

– Any thoughts on the new opening credits? Scott is no longer levitating, presumably because he’s “risen” to his True Alpha status. Derek and Lydia remain unchanged. I like that we get an older, more mature looking Stiles, but I’m not sure how I feel about them losing the jeep.

– Please share all of your thoughts/speculations or rumors you’ve heard on the significance of Derek’s golden eyes. I would be thrilled if being restored to pre-Paige status would create an opportunity for Derek to also become a True Alpha. I know, it’s rare, but this is Teen Wolf. It’s possible, right? Derek may have been a flawed Alpha, but at his core, he’s every bit of the caring, protective person that Scott is.

– Quote of the night: “Can someone in this town stay dead?”

– I need to see that fight between Kate and Peter and I need Peter to finish the job. I never need to see Kate kissing young Derek. Ever. Actually, I don’t want to see Derek kissing Kate at any age.

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