True Blood Season 7 “I Found You” Review

Over the course of seven seasons, True Blood has somehow proven to be the best and worst at the same thing – character development. Over the weekend, I spent some time watching the earlier seasons of the show as a reminder to myself about what I once loved about it. Characters like Terry, Franklin Mott, Talbot and Russell Eddgington were so engaging and were all part of great moments during the series. Of these characters, only Talbot’s death really served a meaningful purpose in the storyline. The loss of the other characters felt more like an attempt by the writers to clear up some space in a bloated cast.

As a viewer, I understand that every character is not created to be a favorite of the fans – case in point, Lettie Mae Thornton. I can respect the presence of an annoying, miserable, deplorable character if their storyline drives the show into new territory. Lettie Mae being a shitty mother, self-righteous hypocrite and someone prone to addictive behavior, however, is nothing new. I am beginning to suspect that Lettie Mae killed Tara and as a result, we will have to watch her grapple with the guilt of her actions this season. There is nothing new or interesting about watching this character revisit the same struggle. If we are to accept that a character that has been around since season 1, episode 1 has been killed before the opening credits, I would much rather watch Tara’s real family struggle with her death – Sookie, Pam, Lafayette and Sam. I really hope the writers will put Lettie Mae out of her misery (permanently) very soon and by extension, release the viewers from this character for good.

Lettie Mae-related frustrations aside, there are still some characters who have been well-developed or who have consistently been great as a source of levity and/or entertainment. For example, Andy Bellefleur has developed into one of the more well-rounded characters of the series and I like how his unexpected foray into fatherhood has strengthened his ties to the supernatural shenanigans beyond his role as an officer of the law.

I also continue to enjoy Jason Stackhouse. Indeed, Jason, “sometimes not being clever makes you a better detective” and a better character. He is always a great source of levity and his relationship with Sookie is one that has produced great moments during the series. Speaking of Sookie, she continues to be the worst. She ignored the dead body, which could have proven helpful to the search party much earlier in their investigation. She also impulsively tossed her cell phone in a fit of rage, which prevented Jessica from being able to reach her. Despite my frustrations with Sookie, I appreciate that she is consistently the worst in her own self-centered, impulsive, danger craving way.

As a bittersweet bookend to the hot Eric/Jason scene that opened the show, last night’s episode closed with Pam finally finding her maker. It’s good to see that Eric is alive, but it looks like he is infected with Hep V.

Other thoughts/observations:

– If there was ever a time for Lafayette to rely on his summoning powers, this would be it. Also, I thought he had no control over whether or not the dead decided to use him for a message to the living.

– It’s clear that many of the residents of the Bon Temps are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but it is both fascinating and frustrating that no one thought to look at Fangtasia. At least their stupidity allows for some classic Arlene moments.

– Someone please kill the vigilantes. Immediately.

– I’m no huge fan of Maxine, but I loved her confusion over Adilyn’s age as voice of the fans at home who also have questions about how supernatural things work in Bon Temps.

– Nice to see Kenya getting more screen time, although I wish it wasn’t part of this stupid band of vigilantes.

– Jason’s forensic investigation via pizza is why he will always be one of my favorites.

– I wish I could connect to Sam’s sadness, but watching earlier seasons made me angry about the fact he never ended up with Tara. Sorry, Nicole, you’re still red shirt status for me.

– The episode had a bit of a Hurricane Katrina vibe, which seems a little untimely for the show.

– I kinda liked Sookie’s flashbacks to her relationship with Bill. This doesn’t bode well for Alcide, but that relationship was doomed before it even began.

What did you think of last night’s episode of True Blood? Any characters you still wish were around? Sound off below!