Supernatural Chat: 13 Things I Miss From Season 2


Hey there Supernatural fans! After taking a look at all the things I miss from the first season in my last article, I’m continuing my summer hellatus series with all the things I miss from Season 2.

Let’s get this party started.

YED (aka Azazel)

The Yellow-Eyed-Demon (known as “YED” to the fandom) was the most important thing in the Winchester family’s lives for the first and second season. We first met him in Season 1, but we really learned what he was about in Season 2. Played wonderfully by Fredric Lehne, he was both frightening and extremely charming – a trait that we would see with many demons throughout the series.

The Special Children

It turned out that Sammy was part of a large group of children specially picked by Azazel for a very special mission: to open the gates of hell. They all had their own abilities and personalities and I kind of miss them all now that they are gone, though I have to admit that Ava was always my favorite of the group. I just loved the way she was able to fool everyone into thinking she was sweet and innocent when she was really a cold-blooded killer.


Papa Winchester

I know I mentioned John in my list from Season 1, but that was about the search for him. The man himself died in the beginning of Season 2 and then made a brief appearance as a spirit escaping hell and heading (hopefully) to heaven. With so many characters that we’ve had to say goodbye to over the years, I’ve decided that I will mourn each loss in the seasons they left us and for Papa Winchester, that was in Season 2.

That Cool Laptop

Remember that awesome laptop the boys used in the first couple seasons? Sadly it was trashed in the demon-driven-semi accident they had and not Sammy’s nerdtastic skills, or Dean’s mechanical mind, could do anything to bring it back. I always wanted one just like it, with the slick decals and all.


The Costumes

Remember the days when it wasn’t unusual for the boys to don sheriff’s uniforms or prison jumpsuits to get the job done? While we’ve still seen some costumes over the years, nothing compares to the first couple season when Sam and Dean played dress-up nearly all the time.

Sam’s Cast

Who can forget Jared Padalecki breaking his arm and the cast having to be written into the show for poor Sammy? It’s another one of those things that really shouldn’t mean anything, but seeing it again makes one feel all sentimental.


Meg-Possessed Sam

Though “she” was only with us for one episode and Meg herself came back on the show many times and in a couple different forms, I will always miss the version of Meg that inhabited Sam for a few days and the version of Sam they created together. Watching him/her with Jo in the bar still gives me shivers.

Sam’s Law School Dreams

Sam was still planning to return to law school in Season 2, even after all that he had been through. But after all that happened with Azazel, Sam basically said goodbye to those dreams and it was almost hard to see him do it. I never wanted Sam to leave, but it was a little sad realizing he had to let go of something that had once been so important to him.


Dean’s Hilarious Appetite

Dean stuffing his face with any food he could find happened a lot in the first couple seasons, but I was reminded of it in Hollywood Babylon. Do you know that I actually went to a place that served mini Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches specifically because of that scene where he is snarfing them down and offering them to Sam? Yes, I am that much of a nerd. I realize that Jensen Ackles probably grew tired of having to eat so much (and undoubtedly spit so much out) on screen, but I do still miss the Dean that liked to eat everything in sight.

Sam’s Deathly Fear of Clowns

Sure, we’ve revisited the clown thing a couple times throughout the series, but remember when it was still new and hilarious that a guy who battled real monsters was afraid of guys in silly makeup? Sometimes it’s the discovery that is the most fun and I miss not being able to find out that fun fact about Sam again.

Dean’s Hound-Dog Ways

Like Sam’s fear of clowns, Dean’s hound-dogging ways have been seen a lot throughout the seasons. But Dean chasing tail seemed a lot more prevalent in the first couple seasons. Later in the series it was something that spoke of the stress of his life and the fact that it was nearly impossible for the boys to find true love while living the lives they led, but in the beginning it was just fun to watch.



Speaking of mourning losses when they happened, how is it that Ash was able to grab a place in my heart so quickly? I was almost shocked to realized that he only appeared in four episodes in Season 2 before we lost him. Of course we saw him again in Season 5, but I’m mourning his loss in Season 2 as that’s the last time the boys saw him on earth. There are so many characters I’d love to see a spin-off with and he’s definitely one of them.

The Trickster

I know we saw him again after his first appearance, but that was after when we learned he was actually an archangel on the run. A part of me also misses just the silly Trickster with no ties to heaven – the lovable guy who just liked eating candy and serving people their just desserts

What about you? Is there anything from Supernatural Season 2 that you miss? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!