POLL: Which Group on Falling Skies is in the Worst Situation?

Falling Skies - Lexie, Tom, Hal, Ben, Matt, Anne, Anthony, Dan, Tector, Pope, Lourdes, Maggie, Cochise

Falling Skies fourth season came out of the starting gate with an action packed first episode. Oh, it started out calm enough, with our heroes, the 2nd Mass having regrouped after leaving the Volm and now heading to Charleston – a seemingly safe haven. People were smiling, relaxed. until wham!

Out of nowhere these large flying towers appeared, and planted themselves in the ground. Once down, they created an electronic fence that corralled the people that were not fast enough to get away. Within what seemed like seconds, most of the 2nd Mass was trapped and separated from loved ones. Fast forward four months, and we find our relentless heroes in four different groups.

Let’s take a look at the four groups and then I’m going to ask you to vote for whom you think is in the deepest trouble. Sounds easy, right? I guess we’ll see!

The Ghetto

Falling Skies - Tom, Dan, Hal, Tector, Pope, Cochise

Tom, Hal, Dan, Tector and Pope are all living in the Ghetto. Tom and Dan start out in individual cells, separated from all the others. Tom has been in his cell longer than Dan, who just arrived in the first episode of the season. Why the Espheni would put him right next to Tom, if they were trying to isolate the former leaders of the 2nd Mass is anyone’s guess, but it works well for our heroes.

The ever resourceful Tom has managed to find a way out of the cell and uses his mad motorcycle skills to play vigilante, making sure everyone gets their fair share of food. No one knows this except for Dan – not even the Espheni are aware, because he returns to his cell each night. Oh, and besides playing vigilante, he also has been able to establish contact with Cochise, one of a few Volm left behind to try and help after the rest of the fleet had to abandon us to save their own people.

Pope, as always, percolates to the top of the food chain – gosh, he is the ultimate survivor, isn’t he? My dream would have him meeting up with my two favorite Revolution (RIP) survivors, Tom Neville and Bass Monroe. If that isn’t a dream team of survive at all costs people, I don’t know what is! Anyway, Pope has set himself up with all the comforts of home, including a generator so he can watch old reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

Hal and Tector, meanwhile, are busy trying to figure out a way to short circuit the electric fence keeping them all in. They meet a man who claims he knows how to escape the Ghetto. Following the release of all the prisoners in the individual cells, the beginning of a plan for everyone to escape is formulated.


Falling Skies - Lexie, Ben, Lourdes, Maggie

Ben Mason awakens after the capture to find himself in a place called Chinatown. Also living there currently are Lourdes, Maggie, Dr. Kadar and an all grown up Lexie. Lexie is apparently keeping everyone in Chinatown safe via her mysterious human-alien hybrid skills. Unfortunately, she is not in complete control of her powers and Dr. Kadar fears for her life due to her accelerated growth.

Lourdes has completely committed to Lexie, and even Maggie seems to have drunk the Kool-Aid, telling Ben she is done fighting. For his part, Ben does not seem to be buying living in paradise, and is uncertain what to make of his now grown up sister. When Ben sees Lexie talking to a Fishhead, it confirms his reservations.

Youth Re-Education Center

Matt and Mira - Falling Skies

Matt Mason, the youngest of the Mason boys, ended up in an Espheni re-education, reminiscent of the Hitler Youth Movement. It is very likely that this explains why there are no children in the Ghetto – the Espheni seem to be using the tactic of planning on the next generation not fighting them for control.

Being a Mason, he is only pretending to go along with the program, and in the meantime is organizing his own Order of the Phoenix like resistance cell. This now includes a new spunky girl named Mira. I happen to like spunky girls, so am looking forward to seeing more of her.

Anne’s Rangers

Anne and Anthony - Falling Skies

Anne the doctor has now fully become Anne the warrior. The remaining portion of the 2nd Mass escaped capture, and are now working guerrilla style warfare against the Espheni. Anne leads this group of raiders. Anthony is fighting alongside Anne and seems to be her second in command. He is also apparently helping her improve her fighting skills, including fast loading of the weapons.

I think the Espheni have made a tactical error in not allowing for the mama bear syndrome they have brought out by separating Anne from Lexi. Compounding those emotions, Anne’s group discovers a group of children being transported to an unknown location for an unknown reason. After freeing the children, Anne has decided that learning more about what the Espheni are doing with them will be their next mission because it will likely lead her to Lexi.


So there they are; the four groups and their current situation. Who do you think is in the worst position? I think I’m going to go with all four, since I can’t imagine much good coming of any of the battles to come!

Please vote, and then let me know which group you voted for and why in the comments section below!