The Last Ship Season 1 Review “Welcome to Gitmo”

The Last Ship Episode 2 Welcome to Gitmo (2)

In the latest episode of “The Last Ship,” it was time to say “Welcome to Gitmo,” aka Guantánamo Bay, the ship’s current port of destination. Knowing full well about the viral threat at hand, the troops weren’t taking any chances, training and planning things within an inch of their lives. Unfortunately, not everything can be planned, and you can’t plan for what you don’t expect. So was the case with the threats faced by the battleship’s troops, and so did the entire operation nearly go south before it hardly began- and that’s not even including the threat already on the ship: undercover Russian sleeper agent, Dr. Tophet.

First and foremost, there was the terrorist threat. After word of the virus spread- no pun intended- the guards at Gitmo opted to set free the terrorists locked up, only to have them turn on said guards, taking out all but one- who else, but Texas! Okay, make that Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson, of
Burn Notice”), who in the most perverse of ironies, is actually an Australian in real life. What, they didn’t have any real Texans out there to do the job? “Last Ship,” you know better than to mess with Texas!

Okay, I’ll forgive you this one time, because it was a fun character, and well-played by Ferguson. But if you Hollywood types don’t stop giving AMERICAN roles to foreigners…LOL. I kid, I kid. Save your comments, “Walking Dead” and “True Blood” fans, among many other shows to feature foreigners playing Southerners. But seriously, we do have good actors right here in the South, people! You better recognize.

Anyway, moving on…naturally, it was up to Tex and our troops to reclaim the food warehouse to stock up on supplies, where the terrorist threat was the highest. Meanwhile, several other teams were also under attack, including one in charge of securing more fuel, and another in charge of securing medical supplies from the labs, which was where the virus had claimed most of its victims at Gitmo. So terrorists were the least of this latter team’s worries, since, if even one person was infected, it could take down the entire ship.

I’ve got to hand it to the show. After last week’s slam-bang premiere, I wasn’t sure “The Last Ship” could maintain that level of excitement, but the plotting here was pretty airtight, with everything approached in a militaristic fashion, which actually made it that much easier to follow. This was basically like a Seal Team Six Operation to take out a specific target, only here the objective was to secure fuel, food and medical supplies in short order, with three individual small teams to handle each. The fact that they threw in a legitimate terrorist threat only made it that much more exciting.

Okay, was it a bit jingoistic? Yes, of course. When the captain spoke the inevitable line: “One thing hasn’t changed. The US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists,” right before a firefight broke out and Team American kicked the terrorist’s asses, I halfway expected that song from the movie “Team America: World Police” to kick in. “America, F*** yeah!” Hey, the fourth of July is right around the corner, people! Light ‘em up!

But come on, if this upset you, move to another country. We are freaking Team America. Not saying nutty gun groups should rise up and take matters into their own hands, by any stretch of the imagination, just that there’s nothing wrong with taking care of a proven terrorist threat on our own turf, you know what I’m saying? That’s kind of what the military is for, right? Besides, it was a cool plot development, and this is a TV show, people. Just roll with it. Ditto the Russian ship twist at the end, which sets up next week beautifully for even more action.

If this show keeps this up, I’m going to have to say it’s doing good for itself, and then some. Even with all the fetish-y Michael Bay-isms, like the way the guns and battles are shot, with near-erotic fixation on all the weaponry, it’s still reasonably entertaining. Hell, possibly in part because of those things. Yes, it’s over the top. Duh. It’s Michael Bay. Have you seen a Bay production? You’re either in or you’re out. You want subtlety, go watch “NCIS” or something like that. “The Last Ship” is getting things done.

What did you think of “The Last Ship”? Are you in or are you out? (For the record, I’m not even a huge Bay fan, but I’ve enjoyed the show thus far, in spite of that.) Did you like the way the episode was plotted, too? Or was it a little too contrived for you? Are you, too, sick of Southerners being played by people not from the South? Feel free to disagree, by all means. Consider this a learning space, where you can be yourself, my lovely readers. Right before TNT lays the “Boom” on ya!