Judgment Day: Dominion “Godspeed” Review

Dominion- Season 1

It’s the second episode of SyFy’s new series Dominion, and in Judgment Day I weigh in on which elements should be allowed to pass into Heaven and which deserve damnation. How did “Godspeed” measure up? Continue reading to find out!

Heaven: The opening flashback was well done, balancing a tender moment between Alex and Jeep with a stark reminder of just how dangerous the world of Dominion is.

Heaven: Any scene between Reisen (Alan Dale) and Whele (Anthony Head). Their complicated political codependency has been a highlight of the series thus far, brought to life by two amazing character actors. Eventually, when their relationship comes to an end (and you just know it will), watching these two chew their way through the scenery is going to be a real pleasure.

Heaven: Though the concept of a “Chosen One” running away from his destiny has been explored in NUMEROUS television shows and movies, something about the way Chris Egan plays those beats in Alex succeeds in gaining my sympathy and interest.

Heaven: I like that this episode begins soon after the last one. The events of Dominion seem well suited for a story pace like this. I hope it continues.

Hell: Whele’s mustache twirling. It’s incredibly frustrating to be treated to a great scene like the one between Reisen and Whele after the senate meeting, one full of subtext and subtlety, only to them have to endure Whele in full on unnecessary villain mode watching a man be eaten by a lion. Bad guys are at their best when they aren’t trying to be bad. Whele’s a very interesting character. Don’t diminish him with scenes like this.

Heaven: That weird angel/8-ball orgy celebration thing. Preserving fallen angels in amber? Why? I have no idea, but the surreal nature of the scene was interesting.

Purgatory: The cliff side meeting between Michael and Gabriel. It’s a scene that perfectly encapsulates everything that is wonderful and horrible about Dominion at the same time. The debate about God that reflects modern themes and the notion of angels being jealous of humanity because we aren’t worthy of their father’s love are the kinds of questions that this show should explore more. I was happy to see them introduced, but Carl Beukes’ performance as Gabriel was rather heavy handed. We’ll see how it matures over the course of the season.

Heaven: Arika (Shivani Ghai) was superb in this episode. Her performance was full of the kind of subtlety and conviction that Dominion needs more of. She clearly has her own agenda, she’s clearly dangerous, and there’s clearly a force or ideal guiding her actions, but so far she hasn’t shifted into a clichéd monologue spewing obvious villain. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

Hell: Bixby’s Swiss Miss look throughout the episode. That is all.

Final Judgment: Heaven. In continuing to expand Dominion‘s world and further exploring each character’s place in it, “Godspeed” was an enjoyable episode. Though it has the same acting and scripting issues as the pilot, it seems as if the show is finding itself earlier than expected. Indeed, the overacting and obvious dialogue occasionally on display in the series so far may end up being endearing qualities as long as the show remains unapologetic about them. It’s to Dominion‘s credit that these elements don’t ruin the experience of watching the show.

What’s YOUR final judgment? Did you enjoy “Godspeed”?

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