Gordon Ramsay To End ‘Kitchen Nightmares’

Kitchen Nightmares Café Hon (3)

Gordon Ramsay is calling it quits with his series Kitchen Nightmares, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ramsay shared his decision on his website this past Monday, June 23.

“As filming comes to a close on the latest series of Kitchen Nightmares I’ve decided to stop making the show,” Ramsay wrote. Adding, “I’ve had a phenomenal 10 years making 123 episodes, 12 seasons, shot across 2 continents, watched by tens of millions of people and sold to over 150 countries. It’s been a blast but it’s time to call it a day.”

The series made its debut on Fox back in 2007. The network has yet to comment on the close of the show. While Ramsay is putting an end ‘Kitchen Nightmares’, the Scottish chef will still be busy working on his series ‘Hotel Hell’, ‘MasterChef’ and ‘MasterChef Junior’.

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