Suits Season 4 Review “Two in the Knees” – And a Few Below the Belt

Suits Season 4 Episode 3 Two in the Knees (3)

In this episode of Suits, called “Two in the Knees,” Harvey and Mike’s altercation goes from a somewhat-friendly rivalry to an all-out war that leaves both of them licking their wounds when it’s all over.

This fight between Harvey and Mike is getting harder and harder to watch. It’s hard to believe that the whole thing started so innocently with the two of them just taking on opposing clients. Two layers, two clients, one case. How much harm could that do, right?

As it turns out: a lot.

The amount of people being affected by this is what’s really starting to boggle my mind. First you have the clients themselves, each with their own agendas and things they need to survive the battle. Then of course there’s Harvey and Mike, but now Rachel – and heck, even Donna – have been dragged into it as well.

Logan was right to accuse Harvey of letting the fact that the case involved Mike affect him, but Harvey was also right that Logan was letting the connection to Rachel affect him, too. Logan was the one who threw the first big punch when he told Harvey that they needed to attack Mike and start looking into his past. Harvey of course knew where that would lead and had no choice but to wound Mike rather than let Logan take him out completely.

That’s when things got really rough. On the one hand I understand why Harvey did what he did, but it was still hard to watch him go to Walter and tell him Mike used to be a drug dealer. I think what bothered me the most is how much it didn’t seem to bother Harvey, at least not at the time.

So when Mike came in with smoke practically pouring from his ears, I couldn’t blame him at all. I did agree with Harvey though when he said a lot of what happened stemmed from Mike’s ego. Though Harvey calling someone egotistical is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

Then Mike used Harvey’s dad’s master tapes against him, which shot him straight into first place in the below-the-belt shots. Harvey telling Walter about Mike’s drug-dealing was a defensive measure meant to save Mike. Mike taking the tapes was nothing but childish retaliation.

When all was said and done, I found it interesting that the person who was able to put out nearly all the fires was Rachel. She’s got less experience than all of them and she still managed to get Logan to leave Mike alone and bring Harvey his father’s tapes. Will that resolve everything that’s happened with Harvey and Mike? Probably not, but at least they all survived the current round.

As for the Jessica, Jeff and Louis story, most of it was a welcome bit of lightness in this otherwise dark episode. Jeff using Louis as a flirtation tool was ingenious and Louis misinterpreting that to mean Jeff was in love with him was absolutely hilarious. But the laughs stopped when Louis figured out what had been happening and even I felt guilty for my giggles when he said he would never trust a new friend again. Poor Louis has been burned so many times and it sucks to realize he’s had to go through something like this. I wonder how long this will affect him and when he will be able to open himself up to a new friendship again.

My favorite bits:

Mike throwing in the “Did you love him?” when Rachel was tired. Such a meanie.

“God, enough about you. I want to talk about me.” – Oh Donna, I love you.

“I didn’t know you were a boxing fan.”
“I’m a Harvey fan.”
“So am I.”

Finding out that Harvey was trying to buy Steve McQueen’s Shelby Cobra. Nice.

I’m going to make up a new Suits Drinking Game. It’s simple, every time they make a boxing reference, drink! We’ll all be smashed in no time. I guarantee it.

“The only difference I see is that this deal is against your surrogate son.” – WHOA. Oh no he didn’t!

Donna catching Louis sneaking a peek at Jeff in his old office.

“Hurtful caricatures were drawn”? Oh, I’m gonna need to see those.

Louis inviting Malone to the ballet and then offering to get him front row tickets to Jessica’s help.

Finding out that Louis was trying to get Jessica to pay for an antique diving belt for his new office. There are, like, ten things wrong with that statement.

Louis asking for Jessica’s help on behalf of his new friend, the first one he’s had since Harvey. Awwwwww!

Harvey admitting that he lied to Logan and he would’ve already taken Mike down if it was anyone else.

“Well, maybe you should do something that won’t ruin his goddamn life.” – She’s got an excellent point.

“You didn’t bring me in here just for my genetically-superior bone structure, did you?”
“No, that’s what I brought him in for.” – Her look after she said that was CLASSIC.

“Farm boy strong, that’s what you are.”

Louis coming to the only conclusion he could after the massage and all the innuendos.

“Shut the front door!”
“No, I want to shut the back door.” – That conversation killed me.

Louis quietly admitting that Jeff might have thought he was gay after the “eating cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner” comment.

“Donna, I don’t think you understand the power of my sexuality.” – Oh I do, Louis. I do.

Finding out that Donna has a file on Louis.

“Louis thinks Malone is in love with him. Your secret’s safe and you’re welcome.”

Louis freaking out when Jeff came in to his office talking about “pulling an all-nighter.”

Jeff playing into Louis’ misunderstanding so he could get Jessica back on the case. Okay, I am really starting to like this guy. A lot.

“I shot you in the knees so he wouldn’t shoot you in the face.”

Okay Mike, there’s below the belt and then there’s really below the belt. Taking the tapes was beyond cold.

Jeff’s story about his old case. Yikes.

Rachel telling Mike that Logan wasn’t the man she wanted to spend her life with, Mike was. Aw.

Rachel asking Logan to stop attacking Mike because he owed her. Good for her!

Louis screaming at Jeff. That was amazing. I mean it sucked that he was hurt, but I love that he wasn’t afraid of Jeff at all.

Louis deciding that he would never trust a new friend again. No!!!!!

Harvey’s little grin when he looked at his father’s tapes after Rachel walked out of the room.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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