Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Heart Breakers”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 3 Heart Breakers, Money Makers (6)

Talk about keeping the rookie safe! What started out as a day dedicated to repossessing goods acquired by an illegal gambling king turned in to a backhand for Duncan, a crazy adventure for Dov and Gail with Sam and Andy finding a piano full of cash. Duncan never ended up getting into the ring at fight night in the end when he caught a glimpse at his opponent. Suddenly he was in pain and couldn’t find.

Nick however, decided to step up and in the process became the guy’s punching bag. This didn’t sit well with Andy, who had concern written all over her face while Sam watched on. Will her reaction cause the pair to reconsider their relationship? Or just throw a wrench in it for a bit?

As for Dov and Gail, I enjoy their back and forth banter. And while they managed to strike gold during their fraud squad run, Gail ended up attending fight night after a terrible dinner with her now ex’s supposed good friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the doctor jab and her quickness at determining she wasn’t game for being insulted.

The rest of the episode was devoted to Andy and Sam as they dealt with Gino Jones, a poker ring con man who spent the entire episode in his robe while he tried to outsmart the two. In the end, he lost out, but the the one on one time between the pair made me decide that I don’t care for them much as a couple. Luckily the love triangle looks to have found new life.

What do you think? Is Sam and Andy in trouble? Are you Team Nick? Leave your comments below.