Defiance Season 2 Review “In My Secret Life”

Defiance Season 2 Episode 2 In My Secret Life (6)

In the latest episode, Nolan and Irisa made it back to “Defiance,” but weren’t exactly met with open arms- unless by “arms,” you mean guns. The two ended up arrested for their troubles, but Amanda had just enough swing with the new Mayor to get Nolan out to help with a local bombing/weaponized parasite incident that killed several locals, but was likely intended with higher-ups in mind. In exchange for solving that crime, Irisa, who assaulted a cop, would be let go.

Though some locals weren’t too thrilled to see him, given the circumstances of his last time spent there, Nolan did earn himself some cool points by getting to the bottom of things, saving more lives in the process, notably Stahma’s. With Nolan’s job as lawkeeper now reinstated, though, it will be interesting to see if any locals still hold a grudge over Nolan’s previous actions, in which he not-so-accidentally killed a young Castithan boy who he thought was attempting to assassinate one of the debaters in the election, which turned out to actually be a misguided prank. Some certainly didn’t seem too thrilled to see him, that’s for sure. That could lead to trouble on down the line, especially from any relatives of the killed boy.

Meanwhile, Datak attempted to pull a fast one by recruiting a hit man in prison to try and take out the Mayor, only to intervene at the last moment and “save” him. However, the Mayor saw right through Datak’s actions to recognize he was trying to play him for a fool, and Datak’s plan ended up backfiring. It seems the Mayor would rather deal with the wife than the unpredictable and unstable Datak. Can’t say I blame him, but we all know what a viper Stahma is, so he may end up regretting that decision. Not that Datak would be much better, mind you, but at least the Mayor seems smarter than Datak- Stahma…not so much. She’s a wily one, to be sure.

Although, she got lucky tonight, as the attack was intended as payback for having Skevur- aka the bomber- beaten down within an inch of his life after taking advantage of Alak’s kinder nature on last week’s episode. Unfortunately for him, not only did his plan fail, but Alak ultimately ended up killing Skevur, finally stepping up to the plate after his mother goaded him into taking revenge into his own hands instead of waiting for the law to do it for him. Mission accomplished, but will it change Alak for the worse? His wife might already think so, if their bickering was any indication.

Beyond that, we met another new character, the captain of the E-Rep team, Jessica “Berlin” Rainer (Anna Hopkins), who just so happens to be dating Tommy (Dewshane Williams), aka Irisa’s former squeeze. Understandable, as she left him high and dry on the season finale without explanation, and some time has passed since that happened. Amanda, on the other hand, still under the impression her sister might still be out there, was now running her sister’s bar/brothel, and ended up hooking up with Nolan at the end of the episode, so clearly no hard feelings there.

That was about it, really. The main plot wasn’t terrible, but it was clearly an attempt to get Nolan back in the good graces of the E-Rep, so that he could get his old job back as lawkeeper, so it was a necessary evil. The stuff with Datak was much more rewarding in the grand scheme of things, as it showed that the new Mayor was no idiot that could be easily taken advantage of. Note also how he played Amanda by implying that he had a “Blue Devil” problem, when he actually knew it was Amanda with the problem. Given his spy cam in her room, I guess he also knows that she and Nolan hooked up. Will he get jealous and make trouble for Nolan, or simply use it as another means by which to control her? We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

What did you think of “Defiance” this week? What did you think of Captain Berlin? How about her being involved with Tommy? Do you think he and Irisa will get back together on the sly? How will the Mayor react to Nolan and Amanda’s relationship? Where was he going with the drug thing? Will Datak ever get out? Will killing a man change Alak for the worse? Sound off below and see you next week!