‘Pretty Little Liars’ (Season 5): Hello, My Name is Hanna


There have only been three episodes of the current and fifth season of Pretty Little Liars this summer and SO much has already happened. [SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched these episodes yet, please tread lightly as you will be spoiled!!] Ezra (series regular Ian Harding) survived the gunshot wound inflicted on him by “A”, the body of Mrs. DiLaurentis (recurring guest star Andrea Parker) was found in the backyard of the Hastings’ home and Aria (series lead Lucy Hale) whacked Shana (recurring guest star Aeriel Miranda) who was not only threatening the lives of the Liars but who also turned out to (supposedly) be “A”.

Now that the Liars seem to be free of “A”, but still have a world of problems ahead of them – such as what will Mona (series regular Janel Parrish) do about the truth behind Alison’s (recurring guest star Sasha Pieterse) missing two years (death vs. kidnapping), who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis and will Aria be able to keep the truth about Shana’s death quiet – Hanna (series lead Ashley Benson) – more so than the other girls – seems to be dealing with a case of “Who Am I?”

With Allison back in their lives, and reliving moments from her and Mona’s metamorphosis into the new “it” girls at school sans Allison, Hanna is now questioning who she really is? Is she “Hefty Hanna”, the insulting nickname placed on her by Allison due to her plus-size weight in their early teen years or the new improved Hanna, crafted in part by Mona, who was far too similar to Allison? Or, is there a new version of Hanna waiting to be crafted?

That latter question seems to be very fitting to the assumed transformation that was getting ready to take place at the end of Tuesday night’s episode entitled “Surfing the Aftershocks”. Hanna is obviously going to try to find her real self – not the Allison clone she became or the overweight girl who was somewhat on the outside looking in. Who the real Hanna is will be a work in progress, for sure, and how the other Liars will react to this new version is anyone’s guess. As Hanna told the stylist at the salon (at the end of the episode) “it’s time for a change” – indeed.

The next new episode of the fifth season of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will air on ABC Family on Tuesday, July 1 at 8/7c.