Chasing Life Season 1 Review “Blood Cancer Sex Carrots”

Chasing Life Series Premiere Pilot (5)

Chasing Life continues to prove that it has heart, sass and humor. So far the series has maintained its watchability and hasn’t fallen short since its debut. Tonight’s episode entitled ‘Blood Cancer Sex Carrots’ sums it up best as April discovers a magical carrot juice for cancer and Dominic’s playboy ways. On to the highlights..

After talk about carrot juice piques her interest, April takes the story and finally makes a friend, Gerald, with cancer. If she’s going to run with this whole secrecy thing, she’s going to need someone to talk with. The two have a heart to heart and we finally get to see April tell someone other than her best friend that she has cancer at just the right time. If she kept it to herself any longer it would have been somewhat unbelievable.

April decides to be somewhat truthful with Dominic, but not entirely. Can you blame her? After acting crazy and nonchalant about their relationship the two finally put their cards on the table (well Dominic does) and the moment is sweet, but difficult for April. Dominic sees a future for the two of them while April doesn’t know if she has a future. As much as you want her to say something the momentum is building and I think the wait will give viewers a big pay off!

The best scene of the night goes to Beth who had the guts to up and quit her job and it was all to show April how to take a risk, and to put and end to making the foam art of course. Paired with Gerald’s death, it looks like a risk is definitely in April’s future and we get to see that play out at the end of the episode when she finally sits down among her peers in a cancer support group. The scene was also great because we catch a glimpse of Leo (Scott Michael Foster)! The moment leaves you with plenty of questions. Does he have cancer too? Is this the small screen version of ‘The Fault In Our Stars’? Hopefully we find out next week because Leo’s character has been shrouded in mystery since the start.

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