TV Buzz: Meet the Villains of ‘Gotham,’ Return to ‘Downton Abbey’ and More

TV Buzz has made its triumphant return and this Tuesday’s edition is full of must sees. We have the first trailer for The Lottery, a teaser for Downton Abbey season five, all the gory bits of The Knick starring Clive Owen and much more. Check it all out below!

ITV Returns to ‘Downton Abbey’ in Season 5 Teaser

Things are in a state of flux at Downton Abbey, and Mr. Carson does not sound too happy about it. While the premiere of Downton Abbey season five is still a ways off, ITV has already released a short teaser revealing the house bracing for more change. When we return to the Abbey, the ’20s should be well underway bringing a whole new dynamic to the world of the Grantham family.

Downton Abbey will premiere Fall 2014 on ITV, and Winter 2015 on PBS.

The Villains Take Center Stage in ‘Gotham’ Trailer

Catwoman. The Penguin. Fish Mooney.

The three up-and-coming villains are at the center of the latest promo for Fox’s Gotham. The series is primarily the origin story of James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), but some of Batman’s greatest foes– and a few new faces, as well –will also be explored in the series. As the trailer says, “They all got their start in this city.”

Gotham premieres Fall 2014 on Fox.

Lifetime Unveils First Trailer for ‘The Lottery’

The first trailer for The Lottery has arrived, and you guys, it is good. The series comes from the mind behind Children of Men and the themes are similar. It is set in a future where infertility is threatening the world’s population. There are 100 viable eggs left and the government is determined to choose 100 women to carry the children. The trailer teases plenty of conspiracies, action and a spectacular performance from Michael Graziadei as one of the last fathers to a young child left on the planet.

The Lottery premieres Sunday, July 20th, at 10PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

‘The Knick’ Trailer Features Clive Owen, Blood and Surgeries Gone Awry

The Knick is not going to be a show people suffering from hospital phobia can watch. The trailer is full of blood, body parts and all manner of things meant to plague the squeamish. On the upside, Clive Owen looks like he is giving an intense performance, so if you can make it through the trailer it might be worth checking out.

The Knick premieres Friday, August 8th at 10PM/9c on Cinemax.

Meet Disney’s ‘Descendants’ in First Look Photo

High School Musical director Kenny Ortega is going to prove being the teenage offspring of Disney villains is hard. Disney has released a first look photo from their new series featuring Mal (Dove Cameron), the daughter of Maleficent, Evie (Sofia Carson), the daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay (Booboo Stewart), the Son of Jafar, and Carlos (Cameron Boyce) the son of Cruella de Vil. The teens will be allowed to go to an exclusive prep school along with the children of Disney heroes. Things will probably not go smoothly.

Descendents will premiere in 2015 on Disney.

‘Ray Donovan’ Season 2 Trailer: Is Ray Headed For Prison?

Ray Donovan season two appears to have stepped up its game. The new trailer reveals a more confident serious, full of questions of family loyalty, violence and a killer soundtrack. Ray is getting it from all sides this year– the cops, reporters and his father –and the result is a powerful trailer. Are you going to watch season two?

Ray Donovan season two premieres Sunday, July 13th at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime.

FX Releases Hilarious ‘Married’ Red Band Trailer

“Soccer and hangovers do not mix.”

Maybe not, but FX’s Married looks like the perfect cocktail of marriage comedy. Did Judd Apatow write this? No…well, he could have. The trailer is NSFW, but it’s so full of laughs you might want to pop on the headphones and watch it anyway.

Married premieres Thursday, July 17th on FX.


Are you already jonesing for more Downton? Captivated by Ray Donovan? Ready to watch The Lottery? Let us know in the comments below!

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