Teen Wolf Season 4 Premiere “The Dark Moon” Review

Mondays are officially Moon Days again, which means the start of a new season of Teen Wolf!

The episode opened with Scott’s pack on a road trip to Mexico in search of Derek, who we last saw with Kate. Of course, it was difficult not to ask a few questions about the entire premise of the road trip, such as: (1) what did the kids tell their parents about their road trip? There’s no way they could have known how long the trip would take, so how do you explain that to your parents? and (2) where did Scott’s pack find $50,000 to bargain for Derek? With all this talk about benefactors during the season 4 promotional campaign, perhaps we’ll find out the money source in a later episode.

Those questions aside, the premiere was fun and fast-paced. The writers made the right call by not overwhelming us with all of the new faces that will join the supernatural fray in Beacon Hills. Instead, we got Scott’s core pack with the new addition of Malia and a few familiar faces like the Calavera hunters and Braeden.

Watching Scott’s pack execute a plan is always entertaining. It was also nice to see some acknowledgment of Malia’s ongoing transition to life as a human first, coyote second. Admittedly, I missed Allison not being there by Lydia’s side, but I like how Scott and Kira’s relationship served as a reminder that Scott is still grappling with the loss of his first love. At least, that’s how I choose to read the slow pace at which Kira and Scott are moving. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of what the 1-2 month time jump has done to the pacing of Stiles and Malia’s relationship. Did anyone else notice that the couple has their own music, much like Scott and Allison used to have? And don’t even get me started on the kissing induced concentration. Blech.

I say this every season, but I’d really like to see the group spend some time alone to heal. It’s nice to see Stiles helping Malia, but I hope we also get to see the pack helping Stiles recover from being possessed by an evil trickster spirit.

Returning to questions about the pack’s Mexican excursion, I’m not clear on why it was necessary to torture Scott to the point of turning in order to get him to realize that Kate had Derek. Couldn’t that information be shared in a normal conversation? Sketchy premise aside, I liked seeing Scott in another high-stakes situation where he had to make a tough call in order to save another member of his pack. I hope we get to see Scott in more challenging situations this season. I’d like to see him faced with the hard choices Derek faced during his time as an alpha.

Loved the return of Braeden. It’s rumored that she might be a love interest for Derek. I actually would have liked to see further development of her connection with Isaac, but of course Daniel Sharman is gone (for now). If Braeden does become a love interest, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will not be revealed to be evil and that she actually manages to stay alive.

Last, but certainly not least, it was great to see Lydia flexing her banshee powers. I forgot how gratifying it can be to hear Lydia insulting a character you hate. Hearing her call Kate a bitch was delightful.

Other thoughts . . .

– Kira is still adorably perfect and a great example of how the show should approach introducing new characters, particularly love interests.

– Although I wasn’t a fan of the Stiles/Malia interactions, I did enjoy Malia’s interactions with Kira.

– Interesting bit of foreshadowing during the last conversation between the head of the Calaveras family and Scott. Will we see Scott make his first beta this season?

– Nice to see baby Derek (Ian Nelson) back again. I’m interested to see where this de-aging of Derek goes. It better not lead to any memory loss that would make him forget why Kate is the most horrible person in the world. Well, maybe second to Grandpa Mountain Ash.

– Kate’s a werejaguar and we have the Calaveras to thank for her return. Blah, blah, blah – let me know when she’s dead for good. Thanks.

– Okay, one Kate question – what are the odds that Grandpa Mountain Ash knew his daughter might get a second shot at life? Someone must have known her body wasn’t in the casket, right?

– How did Stiles know that was baby Derek? Was he watching the flashback episode with us at home? Vulcan mind meld with Peter during the flashback episode? I had the impression that Stiles really didn’t know Derek that well until Scott became the Teen Wolf and their worlds collided.

– One last tiny nitpick – shouldn’t Stiles have said “Kate killed your family” not Derek’s family. Malia is a Hale, right?

Overall, I enjoyed the Teen Wolf season 4 premiere. I’m excited to see what else is in store for Scott’s pack. What did you think? Sound off below!