Murder in the First Season 1 Review “Who’s Your Daddy?”

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Well, you can’t say you didn’t know it wasn’t coming. On this week’s “Murder in the First,” Blunt (Tom Felton) was finally taken down- ironically, as he was taking someone else down during a Krav Maga session- after the evidence against him was stacked a little too high to ignore. To wit, an ex came in the precinct and confessed Blunt had once raped her and paid her off to keep quiet, Cindy’s unborn child was his, and DNA testing proved he was the one who Cindy, ahem, pleasured just before her death. Factor in the fact that his alibi was another girl he was sleeping with, and the text that supposedly helped clear him could have been preset to be delivered at a certain time on purpose, and things were not looking good for Blunt at all.

Of course, if it were him, it wouldn’t be much of a shocker, which means it probably isn’t. The whole thing smacks of a frame job, but the question is, who had the motive to want to see Blunt go down for something like this? Could it be this new character, the ex (Cameron Richardson)? Or the pilot with whom Cindy had an affair with that could have wrecked his marriage- and his wife doesn’t know about? Hell, I’m not entirely convinced it couldn’t be Blunt’s lawyer, David (Richard Schiff), who seems to have nothing but contempt for his client.

Not exactly helping matters is the fact that Blunt lawyered-up, big time, hiring ace criminal defense lawyer (James Cromwell) to the tune of several million- now that’s an expensive attorney! Also in need of a lawyer is Hildy, who shot a wife and child-abusing lowlife when he came at her with a knife. It seemed pretty justified to me, but then again, she was drinking just before and shot the guy maybe a few more times than absolutely necessary, so there’s that. I think she could have winged him in the arm and gotten the job done as effectively, but it did all happen pretty quickly.

Alas, Hildy was suspended for her actions, pending an investigation into the shooting, which meant she had to miss the big takedown of Blunt at the end of the episode. That’s too bad, as she went the extra mile to make that happen in the first place. Still, that was a nasty situation, and she almost certainly saved that woman’s life, if not the child, too. So, good on ya, Hildy. It may have been a bit of overkill, but those two will likely be better off, especially if the guy had life insurance.

This was a decent enough episode, with some good work from Robertson as per usual. It was cool seeing Dilshad Vadsaria again, as Terry’s real estate agent, Jasmin, as I used to watch “Greek” early on in college and more recently, she was on “Revenge.” Pretty easy on the eyes, that one. Ditto Camille Balsamo, as Kami, the girl with eyes for Hildy. Who can blame her there? Given some of these dates she’s been on as of late, maybe the girl could do a lot worse than switching teams.

Also great, as per usual, was James Cromwell, doing his typically solid work as the ultra high-priced lawyer Blunt hires. I have a feeling Blunt is going to break everyone of his rules, so good luck with that. I also got a kick out of Michael Aurelio as the Zen drug dealer-type that sold out Blunt for some police help on reducing his charges. I laughed when Terry caught him meditating in the interrogation room.

All in all, another solid episode. I’m definitely intrigued to see where it all goes from here, especially with the deck stacked against Blunt. Will Daniels get him off? Or will the DA (Nicole Ari Parker) have her day in court, only to find they’ve got the wrong guy? I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m enjoying the ride so far. What did you think of “Murder in the First” this week? Do you like the way the series is going so far? Who do you think did it? Will Blunt be found guilty or not? Will Hildy get reinstated? Will Terry move on with Jasmin? Sound off below and see you next time!