Beauty and The Beast Season 2 Review “Ever After”

"Ever After"

Beauty and The Beast has taken a creative turn! Did anyone else appreciate the refreshing change of this latest episode ‘Ever After’? The whole Veronica, Tim, new life in the burbs was a great way to shake things up. It was also a smart way to keep the Gabe story line going with J.T. and Tess on the job while Cat and Vincent stayed out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, Cat couldn’t lay low and ends up getting involved with their new neighbors.

Other highlights of the episode featured Gabe surprising TJ and Tess with a gun. He really is delusional and believes that he’s looking out for the best interests of Cat. Without Vincent by his side, TJ did well. He makes a decent team with Tess. Let’s just hope Gabe doesn’t regain any powers. It looks like this storyline is set to run until the end of the season.

Vincent and the fish was the most comical scene of the night. Vincent really did seem like he was ready to leave New York behind him and settle into a peaceful life in the burbs for awhile. But Cat just couldn’t join him and in the end out favorite leading B&B man had to vent to a fish before deciding to join Cat on the hunt.

For a brief second I thought I was watching an episode of Castle! Cat as a mystery writer made sense but her ride along with the officer on the case quickly turned sour after he realized she knew too much. That’s where the similarities to Beckett and Castle ended.

Although I am glad that Cat didn’t lose her determination to seek justice it would have been nice to see her and Vincent spend a little longer in the suburbs. Instead they return back to the city with Vincent still hiding out.

With only two episode left will we see Vincent cleared? Leave your comments below.