True Blood Season 7 Premiere “Jesus Gonna Be Here” Review

True Blood Season 7 (1)
Welcome back to Bon Temps, fellow True Blood fans! The show returned last night for its final season with its usual amount of camp, blood and side-eye inducing WTF moments. The premiere picked up right where we left off – all hell breaking loose thanks to the Hep-V infected, zombie-like vampires. Unsurprisingly, they noticed that there was something was different about Sookie, but they did not get an opportunity to taste her addictive fae blood.

What was surprising, however, was the revelation that Tara was killed in the melee. Originally, I was not convinced that Tara had actually met the true death. Indeed, we saw Lettie Mae covered in blood and guts, but I was hoping that the True Blood showrunners would give a character who has been around since season 1 a much more fulfilling sendoff. She didn’t even make it to the opening credits! In an interview with TV Guide, Rutina Wesley confirmed that the character met the true death.

I suspect that there is more for Tara and Lettie Mae in the metaphysical sense, considering the latter was calling out for her daughter when we last saw her in last night’s premiere. I understood Lafayette’s sense of peace with his cousin’s death, particularly after what happened when he and Sookie were faced with her death by Debbie Pelt’s shotgun. I’d rather see Sookie, Sam, Willa and especially Pam grapple with Tara’s death, instead of Lettie Mae.

I was relieved to see some of my other favorites, Lafayette and Jason, survive the Hep Vamp attack. I’m also thrilled that they took Sam’s girlfriend. To be clear, I like Journee Smollet, but I’m not a fan of her True Blood character. Likewise, I love Adina Porter on The Newsroom, but I’ve never liked Lettie Mae Thornton. I wish the writers would have killed her character much earlier and brought closure to her story with Tara.

I don’t know exactly how much time has passed since we first arrived in Bon Temps in season 1 and I understand that the Bon Temps residents are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but the Sookie shaming was a little odd to me. I don’t know what the supernatural to human ratio is in Bon Temps currently, but we saw in last night’s premiere that there was roughly one supernatural for each human at Bellefleurs. With all this town has been through, you’d think they’d at least be able to deduce that Sookie is not at the center of every horrible supernatural occurrence in the tiny Louisiana town.

Between the Sookie shaming and someone seeing Sam as a dog, it looks like we’ll continue to see how humans react (and overreact) to supernaturals. It’s a theme that I’ve grown tired of exploring on the show, but I can appreciate why it would be realistic for there to always be a presence of closed-minded individuals on the show. Here’s hoping we don’t spend too much time with the angry, Scooby Doo gang hunting down supernaturals and attacking tolerant humans. Similarly, Pam’s search for Eric is interesting, but I hope we don’t have to go too long without a resolution and before Pam (and hopefully Eric) join the fray in Bon Temps. I am not excited about the prospect of watching vigilante justice go horribly wrong again in Bon Temps.

– Tara’s supposed “true death” raised a few questions for me with regards to the connection between maker and progeny. I know that Tara and Pam parted ways, but I would think that Pam would still feel/sense that her progeny was gone.

– Is it too soon to predict that Bill and Sookie will reunite before the series ends? I will never protest too much about the wonderful vision of Joe Manganiello on my television, but Alcide and Sookie have zero chemistry.

– Don’t know how I feel about Jessica’s boyfriend being recast. I guess I’m not invested enough in him as a character to be bothered by the change. I thought Deborah Ann Woll had great chemistry with the previous actor and hope the same is true of the replacement. I am, however, certain that Nelsan Ellis has chemistry with the new actor and I’m intrigued by the conversation that took place at Lafayette house.

– It was odd to see the once famous Merlotte’s sign now bearing the name Bellefleur.

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