Are You Ready for Under the Dome, Season 2?

Under the Dome

Last summer, CBS premiered what was originally planned to be a one season long program based on the Stephen King novel “Under the Dome.” I have not read the book, but according to King, the events in the book take place over the course of a little more than week, whereas the TV program was extended to months, and possibly longer. Therefore, there are necessary changes from the book.

It is not surprising that a TV show or movie will differ from the book upon which it is based. It just is not always possible to follow the story as closely as fans might hope. For Under the Dome some of the differences involve characters, and others are because of the extended timeline which made issues of supplies and basic necessities even more critical to address. And, in the case of the TV program, the source of the dome apparently was reimagined by the show runners and is different from the book.

The first episode of the second season has reportedly been written by Stephen King. For those of you who did not watch the first season, and for those of you who are like me and need a refresher on a program that last ran a year ago, be sure to tune in to the one hour preview show being aired one week before the premiere. The preview show will be on June 23 at 10 pm EDT, and the program airs in the same time slot starting one week later on June 30 at 10 pm EDT.

Let’s take a brief look at the past season, and suggest some questions for the upcoming season.

The Dome Arrives

Cow - Under the Dome

So, everything is blue skies and sunshine in Chester’s Mill, Maine, until, well, it isn’t anymore! Out of nowhere, a transparent, impenetrable dome covers the town, and a pretty large part of the surrounding area. Seriously, when I say large, I mean it. So large, in fact, that a small plane which happened to be in the airspace is trapped, and of course destroyed when it flies into the side of the dome.

For me, a very memorable moment in the first episode is actually when the dome comes down on a hapless cow, just minding its own business grazing in a bucolic pasture, slicing it neatly in half. Now, I’m not a biologist, but don’t look too closely, since this cow appears to have no bones, or other internal organs for that matter. Still, an interesting moment for us; not so much for the cow.

Red Shirts in Almost Every Episode

Lester and Big Jim - Under the Dome

From the beginning, people die at a good clip. Not nearly as bad as on The CW’s The 100, but still, at least one person dies in almost all 13 episodes of the first season. That is on par with police procedurals, since the murder of a person is necessary for the plot of the show, but not so much in a sci-fi program where you expect there to be a limited supply of people.

And, there are spoilers online about characters in the second season, but I will not spoil it for you here. If you are curious, just do a quick search.

Limited Resources


For me, the reaction of the people trapped in this kind of circumstance is one of the more interesting aspects to the show. This is not the first time this theme has been explored in a sci-fi program, so I always find it interesting to see how people react and what solution the writers devise to keep folks alive. However, some collateral damage is expected as the inevitable power struggle occurs to control the limited resources.

People with diabetes died fairly early on as the insulin ran out, and a meningitis outbreak almost took out the majority of the town. In a typical bone headed move, one of the characters tried to burn all the medicine claiming that this is God’s Will.

Then there was the issue of fresh water, made worse when the local lake – remember I said the dome covered a large area of land – was polluted by an underground pocket of methane. Fortunately they also had artesian wells, but of course there is a “difficult” person controlling the largest of them. Ultimately, the dome develops its own eco system and it begins to rain, effectively solving the water crisis.

A similar scenario develops with food supplies, but luckily there is also a farm under the dome. Of course, the farmer is the same difficult person who did not want to share the water from his well. The battle for control does not end well for Ollie the farmer.

Who Is In Charge?

Under the Dome

Big Jim takes over from the beginning, being the only member of the town government trapped under the dome. The rest of the leaders were conveniently in the next town attending an event. Unfortunately, most of the police force and firefighters were also outside the dome perimeter when it came down, leading to the possibility of chaos.

I suppose it is human nature to panic in situations such as this and behave irrationally, and even if it is not, it makes for better drama to have people going nuts, so this scenario is predictable. The result of this, though, is that the mob mentality tends to take over and innocent people get hurt. By the season finale, people are ready to execute Barbie based on Big Jim’s accusations of murder and attempted murder. Will law and order be restored? My guess is no…

Oh, Yeah, The Dome…

Joe, Norrie, Angie, Junior - Under the Dome

What is it? Who or what is responsible for it? After lots of mumbo-jumbo all season long about “pink stars falling in straight lines,” and kids having seizures and mysterious hand prints on a mini-dome, we finally find out in the season one finale that the dome was placed there for the protection of the residents of Chester’s Mill. Wait a minute, to protect them from what? And, can I get in please?

It is not clear if aliens are involved, but we do know that whoever is causing it, it is not a military experiment gone wrong, since the beings are using visions of dead relatives to communicate with the 4 special children, and have admitted they are still learning how to communicate. Um, ok, maybe they are not as smart as we think, since perhaps it would have been better to wait until the communication thing was worked out before placing the dome?


Are you planning to watch Under the Dome this summer? What are you most curious to find out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!