‘Orphan Black’ (Season 2): The Twists and Turns of the Clone Club


The final episode of Orphan Black aired over the weekend and what a whirlwind ride that episode, entitled “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”, was for all its viewers.

SPOILER ALERT!!: If you haven’t had a chance to watch the season finale yet, please tread lightly because there will be spoilers ahead!!

As the episode rolled out, Sarah (series lead Tatiana Maslany) turned herself over to the Dyad Institute, and primarily to pro-clone Rachel Duncan (Maslany), in order to insure the safety of her daughter Kira (recurring guest star Skyler Wexler).

While held inside the institute – basically no better than a prisoner – Sarah is interrogated by Dr. Nealon (recurring guest star Tom McCamus) who performed the late night examinations on Sarah sans the late Beth Child (Maslany) under the supervision of Beth’s monitor/Sarah’s ex-lover Paul (series regular Dylan Bruce).

But, Mrs. S (series regular Maria Doyle Kennedy), Felix (series regular Jordan Gavaris) and Kira’s dad Cal (recurring guest star Michiel Huisman) as well as Paul and Dr. Marian Bowles (special guest star Michelle Forbes) had other plans not wanting Sarah or Kira to be trapped with Rachel at the helm. They formulated a plan that involved Cosima (Maslany) – despite her decreasing health – and lab assistant Scott (recurring guest star Josh Vokey), who worked out an escape plan for Sarah that took out Rachel with a fire extinguisher pencil-projectile to the eye.

Once safe at home – well at Felix’s apartment that is – the “sisters” were reunited, including Helena who surprisingly showed up at Detective Art Bell’s (series regular Kevin Hanchard) apartment. The sisters enjoyed a night of dancing, but Helena left in the wee hours of the morning only to be captured by two mystery men.

As the episode came to a conclusion, it turned out that Paul and Mrs. S were behind Helena’s capture – something that Mrs. S stated Rachel will never forgive them for – while Sarah pays a visit to Dr. Bowles’ elaborate estate, meeting Charlotte (recurring guest star Cynthia Galant), the doctor’s adopted daughter who is the only surviving progeny of Sarah and Helena’s DNA and where Sarah learns more about Project Leda as well as Project Castor, which turned out to be a male clone project. And that clone was none other escaped Prolethean member Mark Rollins (recurring guest star Ari Millen), who not only had a clone within the military overseeing Helena’s transportation to an unknown destination but also contained behind a glass door at Dr. Bowles’ home. And let the crazy clone games begin…

BBC America has not officially renewed ‘Orphan Black’ for a third season, but it is almost a certainty that it will return since, next to Doctor Who, it is the network’s top drama.