Major Crimes Season 3 Review “Frozen Assets”

major crimes forzen assets

On a super-fun episode of “Major Crimes,” Provenza and Flynn responded to a reported murder, only to discover it was…a dog? Things only got weirder from there, to be sure, encompassing a mansion with a front lawn decked out like a combination of a trailer park and an old-school roadside attraction, a security guard with a habit of impersonating a police officer, and a batty old woman who left her fortune in part to said dog and even more to a company that specialized in freezing heads for future resurrection on down the line, in the aptly-titled “Frozen Assets.”

I just loved this episode, from the wonderfully-deranged lawn decorations to the nutty performance from Andrew Daly (from Comedy Central’s ace “Review”) to all sorts of oddball touches like costumed dog paintings and the sight of a disembodied head being examined for evidence, which brought to mind that old horror movie, “The Re-Animator.” To say nothing of Mary McDonnell’s hilarious character work as she posed as a highfalutin prospective seller for the mansion of the not-so-dearly departed lady of the house, which was a hoot, given her normally staid work as Raydor.

Granted, they hit that “Maltese Falcon” joke one too many times for their own good, but it’s hard to hate a show about a murdered dog that goes into a commercial break with the sponsor proudly announcing it’s for…wait for it…dog food. You gotta love it. Honestly, it almost reminded me of a less slapstick-heavy episode of “Psych” and I mean that as a compliment. Yes, the characters were a little broad, but they almost had to be, you know? Or else it wouldn’t have been as effective.

Daly was certainly a hoot, but then he usually is, as are the reliably goofball Bailey and Denison (aka Provenza and Flynn). But who would have expected McDonnell to go so wonderfully wacky with it? It was also nice seeing erstwhile “Buffy” mayor Harry Groener as one of the suspects, who also had the best line: “Don’t shoot! I’m rich!” The actors playing the departed’s grandniece (Rachel Cannon) and grandnephew (Aaron Hendry) were amusingly shallow, and the late Mrs. Brewster (Carole Cook) was hilarious, as she went through various iterations of her video will, taking away one of her kin’s fortune because they voted for Obama!

This was just an amusing episode all around, and I really appreciated it after several serious ones in a row. It’s always nice to get a little breather in between the more serious stuff, and to be reminded what a gifted ensemble this is not only when it comes to dramatic chops, but sillier ones as well. It was almost enough to make you wish the show was a comedy. As it stands, it was one of the more entertaining episodes they’ve ever done, if not the most entertaining, period. And I so want one of those doggie paintings!

Honestly, I can’t think of much negative to say about this one, beyond the fact that I figured it was Groener’s character that did it early on. I don’t know that the mystery was the point this time around, though, so I didn’t really care about that. This episode was meant to be a good time for the viewer and it was, so mission accomplished.

What did you think of “Major Crimes” this week? Did you get a kick out of it like I did, or was it too silly for your tastes? Did you figure out who the culprit was? What was your favorite part? Do you wish they’d do more episodes like this, or is one every once in a while serviceable? Let me know in the comments section and see you next week!