Continuum Season 3 Finale Review “Last Minute”

Continuum Season 2

The success or failure of this Continuum season three finale depended on one thing – whether or not we were invested in the war between the season’s dual Alecs. Some of you were but, as you may have gathered from my reviews of this third run, I was not.

Alec’s descent into villainy seemed far too sudden and convenient – a plot development with no root in logic or anything we had seen before. Both Alecs were the same person at the top of the season and, while one acted in character, the other veered so far off course that it became more than a little farcical. That problem remains in this finale, ‘Last Minute’, asking the audience to cheer when one murders the other, with the understanding that one would bring about the apocalypse and the other world peace.

But that’s too simplistic for this show, and on another dumb sci-fi adventure series, it may have worked. But Continuum has rarely been dumb, and always had a strong undercurrent of cleverness running underneath. This is the exception to the rule, and unfortunately comes in a season that I consistently felt had lost its way. Where was the vulnerable, relatable Kiera we had come to know and love? Why didn’t Carlos’ arc get any kind of resolution? Why were there countless new villains introduced at the expense of ones we had already invested in? This year, a lot of what made Continuum great was lost.

That doesn’t mean it still isn’t a good or watchable series, because it is. It’s just that without the human drama that we can care about, the timey wimey clever stuff just feels cumbersome. Take the tease of Kellogg as the new big bad, for example. What was the purpose of that? To warn us of what might happen now that he’s in charge of Alec’s company? And I felt as if I had missed a whole chunk of the season when Kiera was suddenly shacked up with the new guy – where was the build up to that?

But the thing that has always shone about the series is its treatment of Liber8 and their beliefs, and that’s thankfully still here. In this episode we saw them team up with Kiera to take down a common enemy, and that shift in dynamic felt completely earned. Kiera has darkened – woken up, as she called it – and that puts her more or less in line with what Liber8 stand for. I guess their relationship now will be much like the one she used to have with Kellogg (when he was actually a real character), and that has a lot of potential.

But a season four renewal is uncertain right now, and it’s a shame that the show had to end on such a troubled note. This season will have its fans, of course, but, personally, I just couldn’t get behind it in the same way as seasons one and two. There were lots of interesting seeds sown, as always, and that makes another year an enticing prospect. I just hope that we get back to what matters next season, with more focus on the characters rather than the stuff they’re endlessly trying to ensure and prevent.

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