Orphan Black Season 2 Review “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 10 By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried (2)

A lot went down in the season finale of Orphan Black. I wish that most of it had occurred a couple episodes earlier in the season. Pacing remains the show’s biggest problem, and it’s a bummer to load up so much good stuff in the very last episode of the season.

Epic Reveals

Mini Clone
There is another clone who is younger than the versions we’ve seen so far. Marian Bowles invites Sarah over to her mansion, and there she meets Marian’s adopted daughter. Marian confesses that Dyad tried more than 400 times after Sarah’s generation to continue breeding of the clones with only one success. The lingering question here is why they wanted to continue making the clones. What is Dyad’s ultimate goal? It can’t simply be reproduction of humans since there are far easier ways to accomplish that. Even Duncan tells Rachel, “Since none of us seem to know what you’re actually for, I think your attempts to make new clones should meet with failure.”

Boy Clone
Not only is there a clone model 2.5, there’s a whole other line – of male clones. This is starting to take on a Battlestar Galactica kind of feel. For some reason, one of the male clones is a bit mad and kept in the basement of Marian’s home. He’s like the male version of Helena. It turns out, though, that we have seen the male clone before. He’s the creepy Prolethean, Mark – and he’s everywhere. Not only does have a place with “the fish people,” he’s also in Dyad’s clutches and in the military regiment with Paul. Again, what is the point of the clones? He’s clearly not a super soldier or anything.

An Insider
We see that Marian is willing to go against Dyad when she cooperates with Paul and Mrs. S to help Sarah escape. But, I’m still not sure. Perhaps my hesitation comes from Michelle Forbes persistenyly playing the villain. But, given the earlier interactions we’ve seen between Rachel and Marian, she just didn’t strike me as a concerned mother. If she does want to help the clones that will be an interesting twist. But, again, I come back to the question of, “Help the clones with what?” The clones are still on the defensive running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Duncan’s Suicide
Duncan’s imprisonment and suicide is a shocking blow. Rachel tries to maintain her coldness with Duncan until she realizes that he has poisoned himself. Rachel breaks down, but Duncan tells her, “I’m afraid, you don’t deserve me anymore.” This feels like a harsh rebuke. I would have liked to see more conversations between Duncan and Rachel before his demise.


The Return of Helena
I love when Art calls Felix because he has an unexpected visitor. Helena is so fantastic this season, “Hello, sestra brother.” I’m glad we’ve finally ditched the irritating psycho music that used to blast every time she appeared on screen. It is fantastic when Felix asks her, “Did you burn down the fish people’s ranch?” She smiles, “No.” And then Felix slightly narrows his eyes at her, because he knows better. This is one of the best seasons of the episode. Now that Helena has been taken, again, if Sarah doesn’t come to her defense, it’s going to be a big disappointment.

Rachel’s Comeuppance
I’d been wishing that someone would punch Rachel in the face, but a pencil in the eye is just as good. After Rachel slams the vials of blood on the ground, you really want her to get what’s coming to her. She is definitely not going to become part of the clone sisterhood any time soon. The upside is that she’ll get to be Pirate Clone next year.

Clone Dance Party
It is extremely touching when Helena and Cosima embrace. It was also beyond awesome when all the clones and Felix started to dance. It was such a touching family moment. The technology for how they film these scenes is incredible, because it looks so seamless.

Unanswered Questions

Gracie and the Clone
Gracie and Mark end up getting married, which could be viewed in an optimistic light. Except that we know that Mark is a clone, and that Gracie isn’t exactly fond of the genetically engineered.

Does Cal have a future with Sarah and Kira? I am guessing that after watching Paul get it on with Rachel, she’s moved on. This should leave the field open for Cal to move in. As Sarah’s sisters correctly observe, Cal is hot, so he should by all means stick around for a while.

The Envelope
What did Paul show Marian in the car? He hands her an envelope in exchange for her agreement to help get Sarah out. But, we don’t get a change to see what is in it.

Scrambled Eggs
Helena left behind the vat of eggs in nitrogen. What is going to happen to them?

The Original
We still have no clue who is the original clone.

It’ll be hard to wait for next season. But, I hope during the writers take the time to tighten up the storylines and focus less on how to get Maslany into a new persona. We’ve got plenty of clones for the moment; it’s time to empower them to go on the offensive.