Rookie Blue Season 5 Review “Blink” & “All By Her Selfie”

Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 1 & 2 All by Her Selfie/Blink (9)

Rookie Blue made its season 5 debut with back-to back episodes, ‘Blink’ and ‘All By My Selfie’ in one emotional night. ‘Blink’ kicked off right were the writer’s room left us at the end of the season 4 finale – a spot executive producers found tricky. ‘Rookie Blue’ is known to resume a couple months ahead at the start of each season. The writer’s didn’t miss a beat however, and seamlessly pushed us right through the current conflicts while adding new ones. On to the highlights…

The most traumatic moment of the night was the diner hold up scene. This one was hard to watch, especially with a victim so young. Andy and Dov didn’t pretty well considering there state. The two were just hoping to decompress from their own personal issues, but they just can’t seem to catch a break. The moment in which the victim laid on the floor while he bled out brought goose bumps and devastation. Andy appeared to become numb during the last couple of breaths the victim took.

John Jarvis is definitely great at creating a room full of tension. I’m not sure how I feel about Jarvis yet, but I do know that he kicks up the drama and looks like he may be pretty successful at changing things within the precinct. The force just can’t seem to be themselves around them, although Andy isn’t having that difficult of a time at the bar. Oliver is extremely uncomfortable with Jarvis, as he should be when Jarvis arrives to tell him about his new job as Acting Staff Sergeant. This is going to be good and that is quickly proven when Oliver is forced into letting Andy train the rookie.

Involved in the most comical scenes of the night was Andy and her rookie Duncan who I hope keeps his demeanor for a while because he really helps to lighten the heaviness of the show. His selfie at the back of the cruiser was hilarious and the laughs kept coming (for me – I don’t know about you?) when his finger prints came back on the golf club. And what about the peanut stuck in his throat while he tried to give his first death notification to the victim’s wife? He also helps himself to a water while the victim’s wife is distraught with grief.

And the sappiest and most uncomfortable moment of the night goes to Andy and Nick. Andy looked in complete pain when she told Nick that she is still in love with Sam. Her whole body seemed to convulse after he acknowledged her coldly and went back to the precinct. What did you think of ‘Rookie Blue’s two hour premiere? Leave us your comments below.