Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman Look Back on ‘Fargo’

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The dust has settled and FX’s exquisite drama Fargo has come to an end. Before the finale aired, TV Equals had the opportunity to join in a conference call with series’ stars Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman, who played everyone’s favorite couple, Gus and Molly. The duo discussed their feelings on the series’ conclusion, how they felt about the now infamous time jump and saying goodbye to Fargo. Read on for highlights from the interview.

On Gus and Molly’s Happily Ever After

Fans were rooting for Gus and Molly to get together the moment the pair met. However, no one could have imagined Fargo, a series that had covered barely more of a week in time, to jump forward one year to reveal Molly and Gus married and expecting a baby. Having the fan favorites create a family raised the stakes in the pilot, but Hanks and Tolman appreciated how natural the reveal played on screen.

Hanks was a big fan of the time jump in terms of what it meant for Gus and Molly. “I thought that A, it was a fantastic choice on Noah’s (Hawley, series creator) part, and B, I think that the way that the characters interacted obviously everyone was very much rooting for Gus and Molly to get together, so I thought it was really a nice twist to let that be the sort of courtship that the audience sees because the audience can put everything else together, and they can imagine how the logging festival went and so forth. So, I thought it was really cool and it was nice to be able to just jump to the good stuff, so to speak.”

“We both think that getting past that kind of bumbling stage for both of them, we stayed in that stage for just long enough, and getting to skip past courtship was kind of cool actually,” Tolman concurred. “It kind of missed how painful that probably would have been between these two sort of awkward people.”

For both actors, one of the most significant scenes in the series was the moment when Molly comes home from work, heavily pregnant, and crawls into bed with Gus. In many ways, this moment set up the events of the finale. “That scene with Molly coming home and Gus is asleep in bed; A, that was one of our favorite scenes to shoot because it was just pure behavior,” Hanks revealed. “It was really just a very sweet moment that was played out and it wasn’t rushed or anything like that, but in the script, Noah said specifically in the script if this feels like the end of the movie, it’s supposed to. This is supposed to feel like the end of our journey of the show.”

Tolman On Molly’s Triumph and Her Initial Struggle With The Ending

Everyone who watched Fargo fell hard for Molly. Her journey provided the series with its backbone, so for some viewers, seeing Molly largely sidelined in the finale was difficult. A feeling Tolman echoed, even though she ultimately felt the series ended exactly as it should have.

“Molly is super pregnant, and you can obviously tell that this is going to come down to some final showdown of one kind or another,” Tolman said. “So, we do get the satisfaction of that, but Molly’s extreme pregnancy is also a huge hurdle for her, and then also, not just Gus but also her dad, there’s a lot of people who are really worried about her involvement and not just her involvement but her determination to sort of see this thing through to the end. So, that was interesting to play, and for me, as an actress, it was difficult for me to kind of like come to grips with it after spending all of these months with Molly pursuing and pursuing and pursuing to kind of come to grips with the fact that she now had these limitations both physically and also just with obligations to the people around her, but I feel that ultimately, the series ends up the way that it’s supposed to and everyone ends up happy and fulfilled in the ways that they’re supposed to be.”

While Molly does not get the pleasure of taking Malvo out herself, she does get a greater reward: recognition for her work. For Tolman, the scenes she shared with Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele where their FBI agent characters praised Molly’s work and the scene she shared with Bob Odenkirk where he finally admitted he did not have the stomach for the work, but Molly most definitely did, were her favorites to film.

“People are really, really—they’ve been sort of suffering with Molly for this whole time, and getting to see her have that breakthrough was like so cathartic for all the fans,” Tolman said.

What Fargo Means To Them

Hanks is veteran actor of both television and film, so his journey on Fargo was different that Tolman’s. For Tolman, this was his first major role, while Hanks has had many. Still, he talked fondly of his experience and promised if Noah Hawley called him back for more, he would be there in a second.

As for Tolman, she summed up her experience in true, honest Molly fashion: “Unfortunately and fortunately for me, I’ll compare every project I do moving forward to Fargo.”

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