‘Defiance’ Season 2 Interview: Executive Producer Kevin Murphy Talks Introducing a Darker Tone, Family Drama and More

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Fans are preparing to head back to the alien and human border town of Defiance tonight, June 19th at 8/7c on Syfy. Executive Producer and series creator Kevin Murphy recently took part in a conference call to discuss the darker tone of season two, the family drama and more. Check out the highlights from the interview below before you head into the dangerous world of an occupied Defiance.

Defiance Is Bright and Shiny No More

When Nolan and Irisa first appeared on the scene in Defiance they were coming into an established community and moving out of the fighting and anarchy found beyond the city’s borders. In season two that peace is shattered and every character’s life is about to change. “Season one was about this idyllic little Oz like happy world that went through the wringer,” Murphy said. “And by the end of the season, Datak, through a very good move on his part, he let his vanity get the best of him and the poor, sad bastard, he got his goal of being mayor– and he got to keep it for about 15 minutes before they let him stab the Colonel. That gave the Earth Republic the pretext that they were waiting for to swoop in and take over. So now we’re looking at an occupied territory, and it becomes a very different show. And it becomes, how did the members of our cast deal with the fact that everything has been taken away from them?”

This theme will carry Defiance through season two and will first emerge as we rejoin the characters to find them all in completely different roles.

“Nolan is no longer lockkeeper,” Murphy revealed. “Irisa is no longer completely in control of her own mind. Rafe McCawley no longer has a mine and he’s going to lose more as the season goes on. Datak is no longer charged. Doc Yewll is no longer the town doctor. Amanda is no longer Mayor. Stahma is the one person who is no longer a housewife, but she kind of likes that, and she no longer has her husband. Alak no longer has the luxury of being a spoiled rich kid and he’s actually called upon to be the—at least the symbolic—head of the crime family. Everybody is at a place of crisis and change and trying to figure out how they’re going to put their lives back together. And that’s basically the story of Season 2, you know, watching who succeeds and who falls.”

Crossing Over With the Titan Game

Defiance is unique for being a series that is also interactive on a gaming level. There were some bumps along the way as the writers and game builders tried to coordinate crossovers last season, but according to Murphy the integration process is smoother this time around. During the writing process, the Defiance team added several options in each script for the Titan producers to choose from in order to make the game and the series into a more cohesive world.

This will pay off when the show visits San Francisco, the setting for the game, later in the season.

Why Defiance Is A Family Drama At Heart

With Nolan tracking his daughter and the Tarr family trying to learn to work together instead of against one another, the theme of family will be stronger than ever in season two. “One of the big spines this season is the family story,” Murphy said. “It’s the utter destruction and the war between the two factions of the Tarr family, and which also ropes in the McCawley family and how they come out of it or don’t come out of it at the end. And that’s the question that gets answered in Episode 13.”

Looking Ahead to a Possible Season 3

Even though Defiance has not been renewed for a third season that does not mean Murphy is not looking ahead to a possible season three. The series will be busy setting up a more global setting in season two with a look at New York in addition to San Francisco.

“Season one was about a wild and wooly, rural free sheriff driven frontier town, Season two was about a town that is under occupation dealing with what does it mean to be free and what does it mean to work within a larger context of society as we look at the rest of the world or the rest of North America,” Murphy explained. “Season three is going to be more about global, and it’s going to be more about dealing with the role of theology and government.”

How about that renewal now, Syfy?

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