‘Beauty And the Beast’ (Season 2): Welcome Back Heather

Nicole Gale Anderson

The latest episode of Beauty And the Beast entitled “Cold Case” brought back a familiar face to anyone who has watched the series since the premiere episode: Heather Chandler (actress Nicole Gale Anderson)

As surprised as her big sister Catherine (series lead Kristin Kreuk) was that Heather was back in New York City so were the viewers because Heather left for Florida to take a new job [it should also be noted that actress Nicole Gale Anderson landed a lead role in the short-lived drama Ravenswood, making it necessary to write Heather out of the story].

But, Heather is back in town, wanting to not only reconnect with her sister but also to break the big news to Catherine that she’s getting married. However, at every turn when she tries to fill her sibling in on her good news, Cat is off rescuing Vincent (series lead Jay Ryan) but keeping that truth hidden from Heather.

Even when Catherine comes clean, explaining in short order what Vincent really is, Heather doesn’t believe her. I mean would you believe your sibling (if you have one, of course), if they started telling you about a man who was part of a secret government experiment that turns him into a beast? It is pretty far-fetched.

Soon enough, though, Heather is pulled into their crazy little gang of “we know the truth about Vincent” when she is taken by the vengeful brother of the late Ray Shenkman (guest star Chris Young) who was actually killed at the hands of ADA Gabe Lowan (series regular Sendhill Ramamurthy) in the first season episode entitled “Any Means Possible”. In an effort to save Heather’s life (not for the first time, I might add), Vincent shows his true beastly manners to Heather and she quickly realizes that Catherine was telling her the truth all along.

In the end, the sisters reconnect, Heather is in on the secret and plans seem to be moving forward with her wedding to Matthew, the guy she met in Florida nearly upon her arrival. How that wedding will pan out, though, is yet to be seen since it was recently announced that Anderson has been brought back as a series regular when the show returns for season three this fall.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ will air on The CW on Monday, June 23 at 9/8c.