On TV Tonight, Wednesday, 6/18/14: Suits, Jennifer Falls and More

TV Equals Midseason 2014 Wednesday

Our Picks

Suits – 9pm USA
Harvey vs. Mike. Can any of us truly be ready to see these two bros have a showdown? I know I’m not. Tension makes for good TV, sure, but I like it best when they are on the same side.

Jennifer Falls – 10:30pm TV Land
This comedy is legitimately funny. I know TV Land is known for being retro and the concept of a character losing it all and moving in with a parent is not a new one, but Jennifer Falls is making this trope work. My favorite part is Ethan Suplee being allowed to play a not dim dude for once. It is glorious.

Conan – 11pm TBS
Elijah Wood is going to talk about the final season of Wilfred. This should not make me emotional and yet I’m sniffing a little just thinking about Wilfred coming to an end.


8 PM – 9 PM

So You Think You Can Dance – 8pm FOX

Melissa and Joey – 8pm ABC Family

Baby Daddy – 8:30pm ABC Family

10 PM – 11 PM

Motive – 10pm ABC

Graceland – 10pm USA

Hot in Cleveland – 10pm TV Land

(Please note: The image grid at the top is the default Midseason 2014 schedule and might not always represent what is currently airing tonight. Please make sure to look at the list below to get the most up to date information.)