Royal Pains Season 6 Review “All In The Family” – More Than Meets the Eye

Royal Pains Season 6 Episode 2 All In The Family (1)

In this episode of Royal Pains, called “All in The Family,” everyone discovers that there’s more to Emma’s story than they thought, Paige and Evan take another important step and Jeremiah gets close to his breaking point.

The story of Hank and Evan having a sister they never knew about is actually starting to get interesting. I’m always a sucker for the family drama and though I’ve enjoyed the boys (especially Hank) getting back with their father, I’m excited to see where this new twist takes them.

Back in the beginning of this series, Hank was the older brother who felt like he raised his brother because their dad wasn’t exactly there for them after their mother died. You could almost forgive Eddie for panicking after losing his wife, but what excuse does he have for leaving Emma and her mother? Also, what kind of reaction was that when Eddie found out who Emma was? I couldn’t believe he actually laughed in her face, but I guess that means there’s a lot more to this story than we know.

Evan and Paige were in a peaceful place before all this started but I did start to see some cracks in Evan’s cool when Emma came around. He came around pretty quick and I wonder if that comes from his need to be the peacemaker. Evan always wanted his father and brother to get along and it looks like he’s doing the same thing, even with a brand-new sister he just met. I have a feeling this situation is going to put a huge strain on Evan.

Speaking of guys dealing with a huge strain, I think Jeremiah is close to his breaking point. He’s being so incredibly nice about it, but I know a guy like him won’t be able to handle the chaos in his home much longer. Especially since that chaos is only going to get worse as little Sashi gets bigger. I knew how desperate he was for peace when he asked about the quiet time at the bar. If he’s contemplating spending his afternoons at a bar to get away from home, you know he’s suffering.

What will that mean for Divya and Sashi? Well, with Evan and Paige moved out of the guest house and the fact that Hank has already made the offer and is completely doting over Sashi, I’d say that’s where they will move next.

My favorite bits:

Evan and Paige breaking up with their therapist.

Aha! I knew it! Of course Emma is their sister.

Finding out that Eddie know about Emma? Wait. What??

“What just happened?”
“I lost my center.”

Evan theorizing if perhaps Eddie had “fornicated his way across the country.” Oh dear, I don’t think I needed that image.

Hank pointing out that having nausea after eating dinner at Ken’s house wasn’t a symptom. Ha!

Jeremiah trying desperately to strop the owl from singing.

Sashi replying to Jeremiah’s question the only way she knew how.

Jeremiah has an elevator? Wait. What??

Jeremiah screaming into a pillow. Not just that he did it, but that it was kept in a spotless linen closet inside of a sealed plastic container.

Hank making sure that Sashi had her binky while taking care of his patients.

Hank actually blowing on Sashi to keep her from overheating.

Knife in the hand. Ouch, ouch, ouch.

‘You’re not supposed to take it out!”
“I can put it back if you like.”

“It’s been a strange few days. Turns out I have a sister.”
“You mean other than Evan?”

Hank and Ken having a nice moment, but then agreeing that it never happened. Such boys.

Evan and Paige finding Emma working in the hotel kitchen.

Jeremiah telling Hank that they didn’t need to go back to move forward.

Hank noticing that Aaron’s symptoms were “Tracy-based.”

Hank prescribing Aaron go talk to Tracy, in lieu of anti-anxiety medication.

Agreeing with Hank. I was much more impressed by Emma’s real story than her fake one.

Eddie showing up out of the blue and not having a clue who Emma was. Awkward.

Eddie laughing when he found out that Emma was Meredith’s child. Talk about an odd response.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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