Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Review “Whirly Girlie”

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 2 Whirly Girlie (14)

On the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” Ali finally came home, and in no time, was stirring up trouble, albeit more understandably this time around, in “Whirly Girlie.” Hot off the bus to Rosewood, the girls turned themselves in to the authorities, fully intending to come clean about everything once and for all. Until, that is, Ali received a freaky text, but of course.

Surprisingly, the show revealed the sender fairly quickly, as it turned out to be Mona, making sure that Ali didn’t involve her in her confession. Ali, even more surprisingly, tried to make peace with Mona- at her gravesite, no less- but Mona wasn’t having it, adopting a “I go down, you go down” stance, so Ali spun a lie about being kidnapped and managing to escape her captor on the fly to the cops.

Also remerging was Ali’s dad, who I don’t think has been on the show since maybe season 3, when he dressed down Hanna for possibly defacing Ali’s grave or something like that. Whatever the case, he was all over this episode, sharing a genuinely touching moment with Ali; arguing with Jason, who he suspected was hiding his mother somewhere for whatever reason- and he possibly might know that Jason’s not his son, to boot, from the sound of things. So, add another potential suspect to what’s going on to the pile, maybe.

Speaking of Jason, he was also acting kind of shady, creeping on Ali in the middle of the night, threatening the girls (said Hanna, after Jason did so: “You follow him. I have to change my underwear.” LOL), going off to meet someone in a sketchy apartment out of town, and apparently, he was in New York at the same time as the girls- but why?

One thing we can probably rule out was my hunch about Jason and Cece being related via Ali’s mother. I did a little digging, and apparently, he and Cece used to date once upon a time, and it didn’t end well, so unless there’s some sort of incestual Toby/Jenna-type thing going on, I doubt they are related. Not so much because the show wouldn’t go there, but because it already has.

Still, I do think that Cece has her own agenda (note how smug she was boarding the airplane, which also conveniently robbed Ali of her ticket out of town and money in the process), and they did make it a point to say how they were easily mistaken for one another at a glance, so there might be something there, I’m just not sure what it is yet. Feel free to speculate yourselves in the comment section, but I don’t think Ali should trust her as much as she does.

A number of other characters resurfaced in this episode as well, and they had lots of questions, including Mike, who’s taken up with Mona again (all the better for her to keep an eye on things around Aria’s); Ashley, who checked out Mrs. D’s emails for clues to her whereabouts and found an unsent one that read: “I can’t protect you anymore” (possibly intended for Mr. Hastings?); and Toby, back from London, where he saw Wren, but not Melissa, who claimed she’d been there all this time. (Loved Mrs. Hastings reaction to whether she’d like to contact Wren or not to verify this: “I’d rather stick a knife in the toaster.” No love lost there!)

Meanwhile, Aria was unraveling somewhat, but not without just cause, and I don’t just mean the fact that she killed Shana on last week’s episode. Nope, she’s got a new tormentor, which could be Mona, who clearly knows a few things about where the girls were when they were supposed to be in Philly; or it could be Jenna, who had to have known Shana played violin and could therefore be tormenting her with that info via Aria’s iPod and possibly by playing the violin herself outside of Aria’s window, or a recording of one, at least.

Although, Mike claimed to have put the music on Aria’s iPod for a school project, so that might explain that one. Also, I think Jenna played a flute, not a violin, though I suppose Shana could have taught her a few things along the way. That was pretty expert playing, though, so it was probably a recording, I’m guessing. Either way, Aria’s spiraling a bit, understandably. Is there a new “A” in town or not? (The text Ali received was unsigned, and from Mona besides, so no overt “A” messages as of yet.)

That was about it, but it was still a pretty taut little episode, and well-scripted, clearly to address certain things the viewers have no doubt been wondering about. The worries expressed by the parents in particular could have been intended to do just that, especially Mr. D. and Mrs. H. I imagine we’ll be hearing from Aria’s parents next, and Emily’s.

I have to say, though I started watching this show on a whim, due to the lack of scripted programming at the time during the summer (which was mostly reruns and reality shows), it really has matured into a solid show, with tighter-than-expected plotting that really does seem reasonably well-thought out and holds up fairly well under heavy scrutiny. Sure, the girls have done some stupid things over the years, but that’s teenagers for you, so it makes sense even considering that.

Now, will it all add up in the end? Hard to say, but so far so good. They’ve actually gone a long way towards explaining a lot of things, especially once you realized that it not only couldn’t be one person doing all of these things to terrorize the girls, but a variety of them, all with their own hidden agendas. That makes perfect sense, not in the least with some of the guilty parties’ motives having been explained over the years (Mona, Ezra, Toby, Shana, etc.).

The fact that the show was renewed for two more seasons at one time tells me that they also know where they’re headed with it, too, which is reassuring. My only hope is that they don’t overstay their welcome and drag the show out longer than they should, but we’ll just have to wait and see about that, I suppose. In the meantime, “Pretty Little Liars” is firing on all cylinders, and that’s a good thing.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Pretty Little Liars”? What is Jason up to in Philly? Should the girls have come clean about what happened in NY after all? What exactly does Mona know? How about Jenna, if she knows at all? Is she gonna have to clock Aria with her flute? Who’s the fiddler on the freaking roof? Who was the unsent email from Mrs. D. meant for? Who killed Mrs. D. for that matter? What was Melissa’s secret, and where was she when she claimed to be in London? Would you accept a whistle from Mona? (Nice “To Have and Have Not” quote there, “PLL” writers!) Would you place a flower at your own grave? Alone? Lots of questions, but I have faith we’ll get answers for them, in time. In the meantime, sound off below and see you next week!