Murder in the First Season 1 Review “The City of Sisterly Love”

Murder in the First (TNT) episode 2 The City of Sisterly Love (3)

On the latest episode of “Murder in the First,” as Terry’s wife was laid to rest, the coroner determined that last week’s death of Cindy, the stewardess flight attendant, was no accident. Indeed, he also discovered that she’d been in not one, but two altercations within 24 hours of her death, and had a sexual encounter of the oral kind within forty-five minutes of her death as well, leading the team to dub the murderer the “Blow Job Killer.” Lovely.

In “The City of Sisterly Love,” we saw just how far the team, or at least one member of it, was willing to go to catch the killer in question. After serendipitously getting DNA evidence from sketchy and sickly pilot Bill Wilkerson via a disposed Kleenex (ick!) and Cindy’s ex, Mark Strauss, via a water bottle; Detective Hildy went out on a date (!) with Blunt after failing to secure any from him at an interview he showed up for unannounced at the precinct, ostensibly to clear his name, decidedly against his lawyer’s wishes.

She then proceeded to put a stick of gum in her mouth and kiss Blunt, thus securing said evidence in the process. Now, that’s dedication to your job! Lord knows, it must have been like kissing…well, not quite Voldemort- excuse me, “He Who Shall Not Be Named”- but pretty close. The erstwhile Draco, actor Tom Felton, all but oozes slimy repulsiveness in his role as Blunt. He made Mulligan’s date earlier in the show look favorable in comparison, and that’s no easy task, because that guy was Prime-A douchebag if I ever saw it. This is why you should question online dating, people. Hildy certainly deserves better. I mean, did you see what she was rocking as she got ready for her “date”? That should definitely not be wasted on either of these losers.

Some cool, unexpected moments here and there in this episode, to be sure. Beyond the aforementioned events, we also got a cool Virtual Reality sequence with Blunt; a nifty chase scene with Hildy and Terry chasing after Strauss, partially shot in a fish-eyed lens, which was super-cool; an eyeful of Terry’s sister-in-law, which he handled like a real gentleman- you go, Terry- and a fantastic bit with Richard Schiff as Blunt’s lawyer, as he hyped up a Criminal Defense attorney played by James Cromwell with a hilarious Jesus analogy. The scenes with Blunt and Mulligan were certainly a lot of fun, as Blunt barked about how much smarter he was than the cops before falling hook, line and sinker for one of them later on. Not as smart as he thinks he is, certainly.

This is shaping up to be a fun ride, and I like that it’s one of those self-enclosed ten episode runs that only last ten episodes. That’s perfect summer viewing, IMHO. Not too much of a commitment, but just long enough to get the job done. I don’t know if I’d be onboard if it were a full twenty-something episode season fall show, but I think I can handle ten episodes of this just fine. The cast is pretty solid, the suspects are appropriately nasty, and the murder is sufficiently juicy. I was a little on the fence last week, and I still am to a degree, but with each episode, this show comes a little more into its own, and that’s what you want in a summer show. As long as they keep things moving and develop the characters at a reasonably swift rate, I think we’re good.

What did you think of “Murder in the First” this week? Do you have a favorite character yet? How about a favorite villain? Did you get as much of a kick out of Schiff as I did? How about Felton? Would you go out on a blind date with Kathleen Robertson? I should be so lucky, and she’s a good decade older than I am- not that it’s a bad thing, mind you- and it certainly beats a decade younger, let me tell you! (Settle down, that would be a girl in her early twenties, so save your letters.)

However, do not save your comments! Let me know what you think down below and I’ll see you next week!