Continuum Season 3 Review “The Dying Minutes”

Continuum Season 2

As great as Continuum’s season finales always are, their penultimate episodes are even better. Such is the case with ‘The Dying Minutes’ which, despite the fact that we haven’t yet seen next week’s season ender, couldn’t possibly be beaten for the death toll alone.

Several villains were dispatched over the course of the episode, leaving Kiera to deal with the one no one apparently saw coming – Alec – next week. For all the attention paid to what he would become, no one seemed to see what he already was and they’ll be paying the price next week. At least Kiera came to her senses in this episode and broke Alex 1.0 out of jail, even if it was a frosty reunion. Their relationship has been torn to shreds but, with a common enemy to fight, I doubt that’ll matter much in the short-term.

We saw the hypothesis of Liber8 come crashing down in last week’s game-changer, and here it was the turn of the Freelancers. There’s a lot of unfinished business here even if the majority of characters we’ve been introduced to are dead, but I’m honestly glad that this part of the story has been put to bed. It may have been one wrinkle too many, pushing Liber8 to the sidelines more often than was advisable, and I’m looking forward to seeing a more streamlined show next week and into a possible fourth season.

Another character who met their end this week was Sonya, which is a much more significant loss for the show. Starting out as Kagame’s sidekick and becoming not only the leader of Liber8, but also a character we could genuinely care for, her death came as a huge shock. We wondered where these characters might go now that their reason for operating has been taken away, and I guess this is our answer. One more message– one more attack on a world she no longer has a place in.

Travis and the rest of the gang are still around, but Sonya’s departure may put them out of the running for a while. Then there’s Dillon, who represented the ‘devil you know’ concept just as much as Alec and Julian. Carlos may have been keeping his moral boundaries in check as much as possible, but we’re led to believe that Sonya’s targeted attack may not have been entirely unwarranted from her perspective. His path to villainy was something no one had really noticed, but it was one that was arguably as big of a threat as Halo or Theseus.

With Emily and Alec now reunited and Kiera looking about ready to retire, who is there left to fight back against Halo and the inevitable future its set to bring? I still find it hilariously creepy how much both the device and next week’s launch resemble those of Apple and, even if it has indeed been modelled after those same real-world equivalents, they could never have known about more recent developments. It’s getting back to Continuum’s roots as a satire, and it adds a lot of weight to a storyline that could otherwise be seen as a bit silly.

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