24: Live Another Day Review “6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.”

24: Live Another Day Episode 7 Day 9: 6:00 PM-7:00 PM (5)

When the ninth installment of 24 was tagged as a limited event series, there was reason to be excited. After all, the model had grown a bit stale over the years as the show struggled to fill the full 24 hours. As a result, it seemed like the show would play around with time jumps throughout the season so it could skip over its occasional lapses in sanity. Instead, the show has stuck with the hour-by-hour approach, seemingly holding out for a big time jump near the end of the season. What’s left is a season of 24. It has some different strokes and a different setting, but plenty of the actions of our main cast play like things we’ve seen before.

Of course, it helps to play reruns when you have terrific actors to play the parts. As disappointed as I was to see William Devane go (he’s one of the best actors on the show), his performance throughout the season was superb. He was particularly terrific in his send-off episode. His moment during his goodbye scene with his daughter is an emotional high that 24 can rarely get to without the superlative work of someone like Devane. Though his death will undoubtedly turn loose Jack, President Heller is a giant character to leave off the final third of the season.

Not only was Devane great in his death, but it allowed others around him to have fine moments as well. Up to this point, Boudreaux had been more of a sniveling weasel than anything else. Assisting Heller in his death because he respects the man too much to turn down his request allows his character to be redeemed to a certain extent. What’s more, he knows his actions is going to cost him his marriage, but you finally see the truth in his words about always serving the president faithfully. Heller’s demise also allowed Catelyn Stark Michelle Fairley to do some nice work as well. The show has been unequivocal in labeling her a terrorist, but the emotion she feels in ending the life of her husband’s killer is clear on the screen. 24 has always done a good job adding shades of gray to its characters, and those moments were a nice touch for a woman who seemed much more like a mustache-twirling villain when she was tossing missiles out of the sky at her daughter last week.

What remains to be seen is where we go from here. There’s still several lingering things including Jack’s hunt for al-Harazi. That certainly promises to provide the most exciting action as Jack punches and shoots his way to her. However, the Russians still want Jack, and I don’t think a presidential pardon is going to dissuade their interests. And we’ve still got whatever shadowy dealings Navarro has going on with Chloe’s boss. Those storylines aren’t nearly as interesting as Jack’s pursuit of al-Harazi, but I’m sure the show will tie them together in one giant spectacle. After all, we just launched a missile into the middle of Wembley Stadium. There’s no sense in putting a limit on what this show can do now.